Xiaomi 12 Pro Unboxing – Full phone specifications

Xiaomi 12 Pro: As it is this now All the flagship phones we unboxed this year Experience is excellent Like we are getting great tech in phones 40 times micrcoscopic LTPO 2.0 So the design is getting changed Oneplus 10 Pro is about to come we will try that as well,

Xiaomi 12 Pro

Xiaomi had launched 3 phones 12X, 12, and 12 pro 12 and 12 pro are more less similar
very low compromise But today we have to unbox Xiaomi 12 Pro How’s this phone Is this phone is a really true flagship or not Talking about the box Box is traditional No color has changed,

Xiaomi 12 Pro

Let’s see Design by Xiaomi Sim ejector tool case And some paperwork Typical white color case which Xiaomi provides Other brands like Oneplus and Realme has switched to the black case And there is the phone Feeling solid that’s the amazing thing It comes with 120 Watt super-fast charger,

Same you get in Xiaomi 11i hypercharge And 1 cable On the first impression How’s the phone feels in holding It’s a cold feeling It means it has a metal frame the look is good Xiaomi branding on the back panel volume buttons on the right side And power button,

the power button is slightly small It should be slightly big On the top Sound by Harman Kardon is written And one speaker in waveform IR blaster and noise cancellation mic also
In the bottom dual sim card USB type C charging port And speaker grill

Xiaomi 12 Pro

Let’s see how’s the sim tray Orange color gasket protection It doesn’t come with any IP certification It has been removed from true flagship-grade If you like color display phone
then this display won’t disappoint you Beautiful 1 billion colors As well, this display supports HDR 10+ It supports 2K resolutions

And except for this, it supports LTPO technology as well For better saving And you get variable refresh rates option It has an always-on display No ”tap to wake up” On the biometrics, it comes with the in-display fingerprint sensor

Let’s talk about the camera triple 50MP setup Not just this The main sensor is Sony IMX 707
some regular photographs which I took Let’s see how’s the quality The colors are so bright
And mostly are natural Not much deviation It’s true to nature like you can see the details are very good

These are non 50MP photographs These are standard Even then the details are excellent
some issues on the edges Most likely it should be fix with software update Let’s check the 50MP how’s that Similar objects just the mode is 50MP Here also the details are excellent
I am having some issues with the edges

Xiaomi 12 Pro

you can see it was in standard camera as well So I think these issues will get fixed with the software update Let’s see when Xiaomi will work on this And this again 50MP Details are good Here see the details are excellent 707 is actually working great No issue even after too much zoom-in

now, this is a 50MP ultra-wide But you will see the quality is slightly changing in this mode
So 707 is clearly working great Now, this is twice optical zoom and details are okays in this as well That’s a complete low light photograph And here also the details are good Because all the objects are so far
colors are preserved

You can see even though the weather nowadays is foggy so details according to that are excellent It has a super moon option as well It means if you zoom up to 20 times maximum
You can take beautiful photographs of the moon And talking about the video capability
From the rear camera, you can record the video up to 8K 24 FPS If you want future-proofing
Only then prefer 8K

Otherwise, the videos will be shaky And it consumes a lot of storage And except for this, you can also record video in 4K 60 FPS which is very stable Surprisingly Xiaomi itself has claimed that this is their best-stabilized phone Details are excellent

I will show you its comparison with GT 2 pro you will have a slight idea The front camera has the 32MP selfie It is typical Xiaomi style The beautification will be by-default And I can feel too much beautification in the selfie Portrait is okay

Need to improve the software Like your hair will be slightly white And you will feel smoothening on the edges So on the camera summary Overall it is looking a very good package Just a shortcoming 2 shortcoming You can’t record 4K videos from the front camera
If you’re comparing it with galaxy

then at least it should have 4K option but you don’t get Plus there is no macro option
I think Macro mode is in trend for many years neither 2MP nor 5MP you can’t take macro from ultra-wide you have to take pictures from afar

Let’s talk about the performance And if we compare the benchmarking So this is Xiaomi 12 pro And this is Realme GT 2 pro you can see the difference clearly And if we compare it with the last generation(Snapdragon 888) then the difference is huge And how about the A15 Bionic

In terms of score, it is more than iPhone 13 I believe if you go for pro max you will get extra RAM Then maybe the score gets better And these are Geekbench mark score these 2 are very close multi-core score is very close slight difference in single-core huge implement in comparison to 888

so numbers are okay Obviously, it is the latest Android processor You would not have any issue with performance there was a heating issue in snapdragon 888 and 870 I haven’t felt yet I have used it heavily for camera So I didn’t feel as such heating issue

One reason can be that it’s winter it’s 10-12 degree outside then maybe the device won’t heat much How about the software experience

What about this?

Xiaomi 11i came with Android 11 You get the latest ROM based on Android 12 that’s a good part Looks like Xiaomi had reserved these features for 12 It is looking unfinished type
there are some issues

I have felt like application gets closed sometimes There are some issues with memory
These are some buggy software Maybe it can fix in the future so speakers are too loud
Both speakers are sounding near about the same Very good experience sound is slightly thick but boom-boom effect

About the battery you get a 4600Mah battery Plus 120Watt charging support The company has claimed that you will charge the phone 100% in 18-19 minutes My experience is also very close But there is a game in this I will show in the comparison Maybe you will surprise On the extras, it has Bluetooth 5.2 And USB 2.0 No support of USB 3.1

which is slightly disappointing You will feel if you transfer data on a daily basis Otherwise, it is okays in conclusion

How’s the device?

It is looking very perfect Xiaomi 12 was also better the device was compact I felt that the camera is not that much better But this(12 pro) is a good flagship experience Design is familiar but even then it is premium t The display is A grade

The camera is also superior We saw some issue maybe they will get fixed Performance is top-notch battery charging is also crazy the only cons I felt that it doesn’t have any IP rating
the very costly phone then at least it should have IP 68 rating if you see similar pricing

The Oneplus 9 pro has IP 68 But not here Rest is your personal preference if you like MIUI
And want curved display glass design Then Xiaomi 12 pro can be the super-premium phone for you.

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