Who owns bitcoin, which country’s currency is this

In this article, we are going to tell you Who owns bitcoin and bitcoin is the currency of which country, along with how it works and how you can invest in bitcoin. In the olden days, when there was no cash, merchants and moneylenders used tokens, it was a kind of order letter, which could be shown by which goods could be bought, it was a piece of paper in a form.

Which could be given to someone else or could also be kept for future needs, even after the arrival of banks, this type of non-monetary transaction continued in the society. In the 1980s, for the first time, digital currency transactions instead of this piece of paper began, later when the encryption algorithm RSA was expanded, American cryptographer David Chom invented the first Internet money in the Netherlands under the name DG Cash.

This great new technology caught the attention of the people. Then the Microsoft company offered Cham’s company $180 million to put a DG case in every computer it made. There was a storm in digital cash technology when many startup companies of the world started transferring money with this technology, merchants liked this method more because the money transaction here was done without any interruption and quickly.

Who owns bitcoin

In 1990, the PayPal company created by Elon Musk introduced Peer to Peer money transfer, where any person and businessmen around the world could send money from one place to another without any interruption through computer. Merchants liked this method and adopted the system of peer to peer money transfer for payment as it was more secure than paying in case.

But even no one thought about cryptocurrency, although crypto technology had started, but interest in this technology happened only after the 2008 US recession, after the 2008 recession, people started keeping their money safe. started thinking about. After that bitcoin was introduced in January 2009. Let us see who started bitcoin.

who owns bitcoin

The owner of bitcoin is known as Satoshi Nakamoto and it is said that bitcoin was started by the Japanese man Satoshi Nakamoto on 9 January 2009. But no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto really is and where he lives, only to speculate that he may be hiding in a city in Japan.

Ever since bitcoin was started, Satoshi Nakamoto is considered to be the inventor of bitcoin, but no one knows anything about him, where his family is, when he was born, no one knows. Even according to one belief, he is considered to be Japanese, but no one can say one hundred percent whether the person named Satoshi Nakamoto is a Japanese person or he is the one who started bitcoin.

Many people believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is not the name of one person, but it is a group, who worked together on cryptocurrency and started bitcoin. Was doing research and this group later started bitcoin and many more cryptocurrencies.

On the Internet, the age of a person named Satoshi Nakamoto has been told as 42 years, but there is no evidence available for this. The bitcoin that is most commonly used in the name of cryptocurrency has made investors rich, no one knows about the inventor of that bitcoin.

In October 2008, a few months before the launch of bitcoin, a person named Satoshi Nakamoto wrote a letter on a website called MathsDoubt, explaining cryptography techniques and making people aware of the benefits of bitcoin there. This article was titled Bitcoin – A Peer – Peer Electronic System  A few months after this, bitcoin was launched and initially the first version of bitcoin was launched.

After the arrival of bitcoin, when its identity started increasing gradually, along with it many other cryptocurrencies also entered the market. And people are investing more in cryptocurrencies.

bitcoin is the currency of which country

Friends, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency working on a technology called blockchain, if the assumption is correct that bitcoin was started by a Japanese person named Satoshi Nakamoto, then we can say that bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of Japan country because it started in the country of Japan. But this assumption is not 100% correct.

That’s why we cannot assume that bitcoin is a cryptocurrency associated with any country, although cryptocurrency cannot be associated with any country. Currency has been discovered but no country can own cryptocurrency.

How does bitcoin work

Blockchain is a cloud based technology. The data in the blockchain is not on any one server, but here the data is in the system of all the people using bitcoin in the form of different blocks, that is why the government of any country does not establish its authority on bitcoin. Nor can any changes be made in bitcoin at the behest of anyone.

If a country wants then only can ban bitcoin but it is impossible to stop transactions by banning bitcoin because it has spread like a net all over the internet if you want to understand this thing well then you have to understand blockchain technology It will be a complicated topic.

You only understand that bitcoin does not belong to any one country and no one country can own it, there is no right of any company behind bitcoin who can manipulate it. It is a software or a string of numbers that has left its mark on the Internet and has made its way into different servers.

It is also not possible to eliminate it because as long as people have bitcoins then bitcoin cannot be eliminated, even it is impossible to hack anything using the medium of blockchain.

1 bitcoin price

Today the cost of 1 bitcoin is 32 lakh rupees and in India alone more than 5 million people are investing in bitcoin, although it has been more than a decade since bitcoin came but the popularity of bitcoin only after 2013 14 Got it. Bitcoin became famous in India after 2016 because it was only after 2016 that the smartphone market suddenly gained momentum.

Around the same time in India, Jio made its debut, so more smartphones came in the hands of people and people started searching for new things on the internet, let me tell you that if you had invested in bitcoin in 2016, you would be a millionaire today.

In 2016 the rate of bitcoin was around 21000 Indian rupees but in today’s time it has increased more than 100 times, at present its rate is 32 lakh Indian rupees. You can guess that if you had invested in bitcoin for ₹ 21000 in 2016. Today those ₹ 21,000 would have become ₹ 32,000,00 and the one who invests a few lakh rupees is a millionaire today.

In this article we have seen who is the owner of bitcoin and bitcoin is the currency of which country . People were also informed about this by printing a letter. There are many people in the world who claim to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto and the real owner of bitcoin but none of them have been able to present any proof of making bitcoins correctly.

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