WHO Ka Full Form – Know WHO Full Form and other important information

WHO Ka Full Form

WHO Ka Full Form who is an organization that is run by the United Nations and the work of this organization is to solve the problem of health of the whole world. Through today’s article, we are going to know about the full form of WHO . Apart from this, in today’s article, we will get almost all the information about  WHO which is important for us.

The work of WHO is not to take care of health related to a particular country, but its job is to take care of health related to the whole world. If any disease comes, it is its job to warn the whole world. 

What is the full form of WHO 

The full form of WHO is World Health Organization. This World Health Organization can be called World Health Organization in Hindi. Through this, many steps related to health are taken all over the world. 

WHO Ka Full Form

Let us tell you that the world’s largest blood bank is with the World Health Organization ie WHO. A total of 193 countries are included in the WHO, in which one name is also from our country of India. In India, the World Health Organization has an office in Delhi. If we understand the meaning of WHO in easy language, then WHO is an organization by which every step is taken by which every people of the world should be healthy. We can also say that WHO takes every important step forward to keep people healthy. So that people all over the world can stay healthy and safe. 

what is WHO 

More than 150 countries and more than 7000 people are employed in WHO i.e. World Health Organization. Health-related practitioners and information-related systems have been given place in this organization. 

Let us tell you that the composition of the World Health Organization varies with time. But their main task is to warn the world about the coming disease and if any kind of disease has spread in any country, then it is to be controlled. 

History of WHO

Let us tell you that WHO was established on 7 April 1948. Because of which 7th April is still celebrated as World Health Day. To take care of all health related things in the whole world and to advance the level of health services, when the World Health Organization (WHO) was established in 1948, only 63 countries had taken the membership of this organization. But later gradually almost all the countries around the world took membership of this organization and today almost all the countries of the world are associated with this organization. 

If any dangerous disease comes in the world, then it is identified by WHO itself and people are motivated to avoid that disease. The World Health Organization also plays an important role in controlling dangerous diseases. The main office of the World Health Organization is located in Geneva, which is in Switzerland. Along with this, WHO also has six regional offices which are located in Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and America. 

Working of WHO 

If we talk about the working of WHO, then its most important task is that whenever the government of all the countries around the world needs anything related to health or needs any information, then WHO has to help the government. And help him to get out of that problem. Apart from this, the working of WHO also includes taking care of the environment all over the world. 

At the same time, it helps all countries to take care of the environment and to reduce pollution. WHO comes to the fore on every aspect related to health which can prove to be a threat to the world. The World Health Organization keeps trying to increase awareness and confidence among people so that people around the world can easily fight even the most dangerous diseases. 

WHO ie World Health Organization pays attention to the health facilities of the whole world and whenever a country needs anything related to a health, it is helped by WHO. 

Some frequently asked questions and their answers related to what is the full form of WHO

Here we have answered some frequently asked questions related to the full form of WHO.

Q. What is the full form of WHO ?

WHO full form World Health Organisation।

Q. Where is the headquarters of WHO ?

The headquarter of WHO is in Jineva, Switzerland.

Q. What is the function of WHO ?

Its main job is to warn a country about the coming disease and to control the disease spreading in a country.

Q. When was WHO established?

It was established on 7 April 1938.


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