Who invented TV and when

In today’s article, we will know who invented TV and when it happened. Most of the people do not know about this information that who is the inventor of television, so inside this article we will tell you in detail and every single point is good. Will try to cover it and will give you as much information as possible so that if you share this knowledge with anyone else, then this information will also be useful to him.

Until the invention of TV, most of the people used to spend their time either with their friends or by going to some street corner and watching dance. Talk about the same thing about children, children used to spend most of their time playing and having fun with their friends, but since the invention of television, children have forgotten to play because nowadays most children spend their entire day watching TV. Spend it in front.

And along with children, elders and old people also watch TV all day and spend most of their time watching TV, but in all these things, has it ever come to your mind that who invented television and when did television first come? So, if this thing is not in your mind or you do not know about it, then you will get complete information about all these things inside this article, so let’s move towards this article of ours today.

Who invented TV and when

Friends, talking about TV, in today’s time, first of all, television is a means of entertainment and the biggest reason for being a means of entertainment is that we spend the most time on TV and spend the most time. The reason is that all people get to see entertainment things inside TV, due to which we have started liking TV very much.

Through television, we can enjoy movies like theaters sitting at home because in earlier times, black and white movies were also available in the cinema halls and at that time only black and white TVs used to run, but when colorful films came to the cinema house. If so, now colorful televisions have started coming in our sorrows, nowadays there are many types of TVs and all types are more than one.

who invented tv

The name of the great scientist who invented TV is John Logie Baird, he first invented television in the year 1925 and he first addressed TV as The televisor. When TV was invented, puppets were first broadcast on it. When John Logie Baird invented television, he thought that this invention should be brought to the world, so for that he went to the newspaper to promote TV and advertised it.

The TV that was made by John Logie Baird was a mechanical television but after that another TV was invented which was an electronic television and the first electronic TV was invented by the great scientist Philo Farnsworth in the year 1927 and when these two After the TV was invented, then the talk started that color TV should also be invented, then after that color television was also invented in 1938 and the name of the great scientist who invented color television is Werner Flechsig.

Color TV was first demonstrated to the people in New York, after that the demand for color television increased among the people. To meet the needs of the people, scientists made mechanical color TV on the instructions of Peter Goldmark, adopting the principle of John Logie Baird. In 1946, Goldmark showed color TV to the Federal Communications Commission, and after the TV was preferred by the Federal News Commission, it was sold to 1 million people in the US.

what are the types of tv

When the demand for television started increasing among the people, then scientists also started inventing TV with the same speed, as people started showing interest inside the TV, in the same way, scientists started inventing new TV every day, due to that. Today we get to see many good quality TVs in the market, some of which are as follows.

1. CRT

Friends, TV was first invented, that TV was CRT, all the televisions were invented only after this and CRT means cathode-ray tube. Friends, if you do not know about CRT TV, then let me tell that if you have seen old-fashioned TVs, then there is a big tube inside them, it is called CRT. Inside that tube the photo is shown as video so that we used to see movies inside CRD TV.

2. Plasma TV

Plasma TV used to be an HD TV, this TV works on cathode ray Plasma is a scientific name because cathode rays etc. were used inside it, for this reason plasma is a scientific name Plasma television had many small components inside it. Which we know today as pixels. When we flow an electric current inside a Plasma TV, the plasma present inside it appears to glow to us, due to which we see a film or any moving picture inside it.


CRT TV and Plasma TV may have been seen by some people because today’s children would hardly know about CRT TV and Plasma TV, but if we ask today’s children about LCD television, then almost every child will get it. Must be aware of this because this TV is very much in vogue right now, in most of the homes we get to see LCD TV, the full name of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display, to make a view inside LCD television, a liquid is filled inside it on which we have to Any movie or we would get to see movies inside it.


Nowadays, many types of TVs have come in the market, one of which is LED TV, this TV is very light in weight and their picture quality is very good, inside them we can watch movies or any movies. I enjoy a lot, the full name of LED is Light Emitting Diode, when we pass an electric current inside it, its circuit is completed and we get to see movies inside it, this TV is the new technology of today’s era. based on.


In today’s time, all the televisions running in the market, this is the smartest TV and the latest is also on top of it, till now no TV has come and you will get to see the best quality of this TV and you will enjoy it very much. More sizes will also be seen, the full name of OLED is Organic Light Emitting Diode, inside it the electricity we give, it converts it inside the light and shows us on the screen so that we get to watch movies and other serial channels inside it. .

Some other important information about TV

If we talk about other information about TV, the first television in India was used by the neogi family of Kolkata. TV first came to India on 15 September 1959, when television was invented, the scientist who invented TV Your child was banned from watching TV. He said that there is nothing inside it for children to see. Do you know that we spend almost 10 years in our life watching TV. Friends, do you know Samsung company has sold about 427 million of its televisions worldwide.

Friends, in today’s article, we saw who invented TV and when and I have tried to explain it to you in detail on this topic and all the points that were made on this topic, I have covered all those points in this article. It is covered because if you have incomplete information about any point, then it will go ahead and give you some trouble, but if you have complete information then you will definitely benefit from it.

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