Who invented the computer and when

In this article, we will know who invented the computer and when in this you will get complete information about the invention of computer and the first step of computer in India. As we all know today there is a demand for computers everywhere, there will hardly be any office where computer is not used, if you are also studying or doing any job then you would know that today’s How much computer is needed in the era?

By the way, computer has contributed the most in modernizing the world because it has made almost all the work easier and even the biggest calculations can be done by the computer in a pinch, no matter what the field like medicine, entertainment, Computers are being used everywhere in technology, sports. If the computer is called the father of the modern world, then it will not be wrong, in such a situation, now you also want to know who is the inventor of this revolutionary thing.

In today’s time, almost every work is done through computer, a portable computer, which we also call laptop, in earlier times the computer was run by keeping it in only one place but now many changes have taken place in it. Laptop is its modern form which can be carried anywhere and in this article we will also tell you about laptop, when and who made the first laptop. I hope you like the article, so let’s start the article and see

Who invented the computer and when

who invented the computer

The principle of computer was first put forward by Charles Babbage to the world, it was a mechanical computer, hence Charles Babbage is also called the father of computer. The modern computer that you use today, the credit for laying the foundation of this computer goes to Charles Babbage, who invented the computer between 1833 and 1871.

Although many people in the world believe that the first computer was the abacus in 1622, but because the abacus was only a computing system, it cannot be fully attributed to the computer.

who invented the first electronic computer

The world’s first electronic computer was built by Presper Eckert and John Mauchly in the year 1945, this computer was invented during World War II. The world’s first electronic computer was named ENIAC, this computer had 10,000 capacitors, 70,000 resistors and 18,000 vacuum tubes.

The size of the world’s first computer was as much as a room, the power consumption of this computer was more than 200 watts, this computer was first made in America and it was much bigger than today’s computer. The whole process of running this computer was exactly the same as today’s computer but it was not so fast.

Although the whole principle of this computer has been copied, today’s computer has remained the same. The memory and storage of the world’s first computer was also nothing special, it used to settle everything between one to 2 MB, because at that time the technology was used. There was not that much development.

When was the first programmable computer made?

The world’s first computer could not perform certain tasks, so the world needed a programmable computer. The computer that was created was named Z1.

The entire credit for making this computer goes to Konrad Zuse, who made this mechanical computer between 1936 and 1937. An interesting anecdote related to this computer is that during the Second World War this computer was blown up in a bomb blast in Berlin.

Who invented the first commercial computer and when

Before becoming the world’s first commercial computer, almost all computers were for scientific and laboratory use only, this commercial computer is also called industrial computer.

The world’s first commercial computer was UNIVAC.

Universal Automated Computer was manufactured on 14 January 1951, this computer required a lot of hardware elements to perform the task. The foundation of the modern computer used in today’s time was laid by this computer, a lot of vacuum tubes were used in this computer.

first electronic digital computer

The world’s first electronic digital computer was invented between 1939 and 1942, this computer was called Pro. John Atanasoff and his student Clifford Berry. Both of them used to belong from Lowa State University of America, they named this computer ABC.

When and who invented the supercomputer

Supercomputer was created in 1960 by Seymour Cray, a supercomputer is a computer that is able to work faster than a normal computer, many people think that the super computer processes the task faster than our normal computer but it is not so. .

Where our normal computer works with a string of zeros and one at a time but supercomputer can work on similar multiple string i.e. it can process more data at a time in satellite and other large machinery. Supercomputers are used because they have to process more data at a time.

As we told you, the supercomputer was created in 1960 by a person named Seymour Cray, it was an electronic engineer in the Data Control Corporation of America. That’s why Seymour Cray is called the father of supercomputers. Although many other types of supercomputers were made even after this, the first supercomputers were made by Seymour Cray and at one time this company was also at the forefront of making supercomputers.

The name of the first recognized supercomputer developed by Seymour Cray was CDC 6600. Even before the CDC 6600, he had designed many supercomputers, but all of them were not successful.

when computer came in india

Jadavpur University and Indian Statistical Department together made India’s first computer ISIJU in the year 1966, although the history of computer in India is very old but ISIJU was the first computer manufactured in India.

This was a special computer. The specialty of this computer is that this computer used transistors instead of vacuum tubes instead of vacuum tubes. Transistors are a new and better technology, even in today’s times, only transistors are used in computers and laptops. Is.

Where was the first computer installed in India

The first computer in India was installed by Dwisage Dutta at the Institute of Science, Kolkata. Dwisage Dutta had established the first computer in India in the year 1952, shortly after that in 1956 the first digital computer was made in India named HEC-2M.

Till that time only developed countries of the world had access to computers, India was the second country in Asia after Japan which was using computer technology. It was a matter of pride for the country of India. 

When did India make super computer

India’s first supercomputer was created by the scientists of India’s Central Development of Advanced Computing, the name of this computer was Param 1000, the full name of this computer was Paralal Machine Param 1000 in the year 1981 and Param 10,000 was built in 1998.

In India, supercomputers are used for meteorological and remote sensing technology, the entire credit for designing this computer goes to Vijay Bhatkar.

Who invented the laptop and when

After the computer, the time of portable computer came when the first laptop Osborne I came in the year 1981, which we can give the status of laptop in real sense. It was not at all like today’s modern laptop, a very limited amount of technology was used here and it was also very heavy in weight, this laptop was made by a company named Osborne.

This laptop used to have a small screen along with preinstalled software. Bought it in huge quantity.

After the immense success of this laptop, laptops of many companies came in the market, IBM launched a personal computer named 5155 in the year 1988 in the market. After this, the Compass company also launched its computer in the market called Compaq SLT/286, this was a new innovation because a graphic card called Vega 3 was also used in this laptop.

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