Where is realme company? Who is the owner of Realme company?

Where is realme company, do you know which country is realme company, who is the owner of realme company.

Every year some Smartphone is launched and everyone wants to buy this new Smartphone by selling their old Smartphone.

Where is realme companyChina
who is the owner of realme companySky Li

Smartphone company every year launches a good smartphone with some new model, the company that has been running for the first few years, the smartphones of those companies are very expensive, but there are some companies whose smartphones are very cheap in price. The name of Realme company also comes out of them.

Smartphones of Realme company are very good phones in low price, if you compare it with Smartphone of any big company then Realme company is a very good company.

Realme is a Chinese based smartphone manufacturer, Realme first appeared in China in 2010 as “Oppo Real”. It was a subbrand of OPPO Electronics Corporation until its separation in 2018, after which it became an independent company.

Before registering any company, it is very important to have its name, and after registering the name of the company, that name has to be made a brand, Realme did the same and made its company a brand and now the name of Realme Everybody knows.

Realme launched its first product “Realme 1” in the Indian market in May 2018.

Where is realme company ?

The company should be of any country, the product should be good, now the question of which country is Realme, some people think that Realme is an Indian company and some people think that Realme is a Chinese company. But no one knows about the real truth.

Realme is a Chinese based smartphone maker company, all the smartphones it has are manufactured in China, only after that it is sold in other countries.

Whatever you have heard about the big company Smartphone like Oppo Vivo OnePlus Realme iQOO, the parent company of all these mobile company’s Smartphone is the same and its name is BBK Electronics.

Who is the owner of Realme company?

Now if someone has a company, then it will also have some owner, so let’s know who is the owner of Realme company, the name of the owner of Realme company is Sky Li and it is a resident of China.

Now you know that the parent company of Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, iQOO is BBK Electronics but you should also know who is the owner of BBK Electronics company.

Who is the owner of BBK Electronics?

If seen, BBK Electronics company is the world’s largest Smartphone manufacturing company, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, iQOO all these mobile phones are manufactured by BBK Electronics only.

Guangdong BBK Electronics Corporation was established on September 18, 1995 in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China.

This company not only manufactures mobile phones but also manufactures many more such as Headphone Amplifiers and Smartwatches, there are many other such things as BBK Electronics company makes.3 Which is the best mobile company?

I want to tell you in the name of some mobile company which is the best company

1. Apple
2. Samsung
3. Xiaomi
These three are the best mobile companies whose mobile phones sell well.
Which is the cheapest phone of realme?

If seen, all the phones sold by Realme are cheap, Realme’s cheapest phone is realme C11 which is available in less than Rs 8000.Which is the cheapest 5G mobile in India?

Realme 8 5G Mobile is India’s cheapest 5G mobile phone, this mobile has 4 GB RAM, 48MP Camera and 5000 mAh Battery

All the mobile phones of Realme are available in the market, all those mobile phones are the cheapest and best.

If you buy another company’s mobile phone, then you will be very expensive, if you buy Realme’s phone, then you will get all the features which are available in an expensive mobile phone at a cheap price.

Is realme a good phone?

If seen, all the mobile phones of Realme are very good, if you want to buy a good mobile phone at a low price, then you can buy any model of Realme.

Every mobile phone has some special thing or the other, some mobile has good camera, some mobile has good battery backup, some one has good RAM and processor, all these things together you can get any of Realme’s cheap prices. Will get in mobile phone.

If you have more budget then you can take any expensive phone from Samsung and Apple but if you have less budget then buy any phone of Realme, you will get something special in every phone.

Within 15 to 20 thousand you will get mobile phones of realme and all mobile phones are very good, only realme brand can give a good Ram, Processor and Camera mobile phone at low price.

Is realme a long lasting phone?

There is no guarantee of any phone that it will last long or not, whether it is a phone from Apple or a phone from Samsung company.

If you buy a phone, do not think about whether it will last for a long time or not, because every phone lasts only 2 to 3 years at most, after that some problem starts happening in that phone.

If a company’s mobile phone will run for Lifetime, then why will people take another phone and not take another phone, then how will that mobile company run.

last word

Mobile phones of realme get good mobile phones at a low price, if you take a mobile phone from any other company, then you will have to spend 30 to 50 rupees, only then you will be able to get a good phone, but realme mobile phones are available in 15 to 20 thousand with good features. See you together

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