WhatsApp New Feature 2022

WhatsApp New Feature Guys, finally WhatsApp has rolled out a feature And this feature was in need very much That is WhatsApp chat backup end-to-end encryption whatever chat backup you take on WhatsApp

WhatsApp New Feature

Android user in google drive and iPhone user in iCloud Now that data will protect from end-to-end encryption Now how to activate it and before activating it You should know some important information about this feature Otherwise, you might have to repent

WhatsApp New Feature

My name is Rakib Khan And you’re watching our channel ‘EFA’ so you get this feature in WhatsApp’s setting Go to settings, then in chat Go to Chat Backup Here you get end to end encrypted backup which is by default off

But here it is written ”you’re currently backing up to google drive” for added security, you can protect your backup with end to end encryption First, it was written that ”message and media backup file google drive not protected by WhatsApp end to end encryption”

something like this But now clearly WhatsApp team is saying that WhatsApp end to end encryption will do your backup in google drive Now to turn this feature on just simply click on it And before turning it on read what is written According to the team:- Your data will be more secure than before

No one will be able to access it Even from the google drive click on Turn ON As you click you will get to see 2 options

Create Password Use 64 digit encryption key You can choose one of these You can make your own password if you wish to Or you can use the 64 digit encryption key also But the noticeable thing is… If your phone gets lost Or you move to any new device and If you forget

the password or 64 digit encryption key you won’t able to recover the backup chat And even WhatsApp can’t help you with it Because WhatsApp doesn’t have your password or 64 digit encryption key copy So click on create a password Make your own password Click on ‘next’
Retype the password And click on create

the processing will take some time And the time will depend on the size of your backup file
And all of your data will back up again and will be protected from end to end encryption
and if you don’t use the password and want to use 64 digit end to end encryption
Then click on this

and click on ‘generate your 64 digit key’ So automatically the encryption key will be generated
take the screenshot and save it somewhere click on continue You will also be confirmed here Click on ‘I save my 64 digit key’ Then click on create Your data will be backed up But I will say again

Whether you choose password or 64 digit encryption key You have to remember it
If you forget it in future And if you try to recover the backup You won’t able to recover it
Yes, if before uninstalling WhatsApp from your device If you forget the password or encryption

key You can recover it For this, Go to the same section ‘Chat Backup’ And click on the end to end encryption Which would be on After clicking you get the ‘Change Password’ option
It is asking for the current password Now you don’t know the password So simply click on ‘I forgot my password’ If you have used a pattern or fingerprint security on your phone
you have to unlock it

Now, what’s the benefit of this?

If someone accesses your email And takes your WhatsApp chat backup from google drive
or from iCloud Even then the person won’t able to access the data No one can read it with

the help of any software or application Or by restoring the data into WhatsApp
First, it was not like that First, if anyone has taken out your WhatsApp backup data from google drive or iCloud It was readable Any person could read it So WhatsApp has added one more security layer

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