What is Torrent and how does it work?

What is Torrent and how does it work, so today we are going to tell you about this topic, many people use Torrent to download a movie or movie, but very few people know what is Torrent, whenever you visit any one. If you go to download pirated software or copyrighted movies, then you must have heard about Torrent because it is used only for all this, so let’s tell you about it.

what is torrent

Torrent is a means of downloading from the internet. With this you can download any file or movie, but let us tell you that Torrent is different from normal download because the files downloaded from it are not saved on the server. Its file is stored on peers. What is peers, then peers are those people who have some part or whole file of the file, so when you download from torrent, you download from other people instead of downloading from server.

How Torrent Works

What is torrent, here you must have known, now let me tell you how it works, in a normal download you download from a website while torrent has a client U Torrent is the most famous torrent client from where you can download torrents. It consists of a small file with a .torrent extension that you download first. After which you open it, when you open it, it tells which people have the file you want to download, this file is downloaded from one computer to another. There is no work for any server in this.

Torrent mostly downloads the file which is not downloaded in the server such as copyright movie, pirated software etc. is taken. It spreads from one computer to another, which is a very difficult task to remove.

So now you must have known that what is Torrent or what is Torrent and how it works. Torrent is a way to download copyrighted movies, pirated software etc., in which you do not download any file from the server and download it from another computer. Huh. In normal download you download from the server whereas in torrent you download from another computer.

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