What is the meaning of AM and PM, complete information

What is the meaning of AM and PM, you must have used a clock to see the time, but in today’s digital clock, AM and PM creates confusion among many people. This question becomes in the minds of people that what is AM and what is PM. Although not knowing their meaning is not a big deal, but to increase general knowledge, you should know their meaning so that if someone asks you their meaning, then you can tell them without hesitation.

Let us tell you that the clock is one of the earliest inventions of mankind, that is, the invention of the clock was done long ago, although before this, the position of the sun was seen in the day to know the time, while the moon and the moon to know the time of night. The position of the stars was observed. In ancient times, the sun clock was made considering the sun as the basis to know the time. It is believed that the first Egyptians divided the day into 24 equal parts using the base ’12’. After this, gradually many devices were made to know the time, however now we have a digital clock from which we can find out the time.

What do AM and PM mean?

AM (Before Noon)

First of all, if we talk about its full form, then the full form of the word AM is Ante Meridiem, before this you must have never heard this word because it is not an English word, it is a Latin language word whose English meaning is Before Noon. ) It is called in Hindi language Purvahaan i.e. morning time. You will always see AM in your watch from midnight i.e. 12 o’clock in the night to 12 o’clock in the day i.e. noon.

PM (Afternoon)

Now talking about the full form of the word PM, then the full form of the word PM is Post Meridiem, you must have never heard this word before because this word has also been taken from Latin language. Its English meaning is After Noon, which is called the time after noon in the Hindi language. It is also called Madhyahna in Hindi i.e. it is evening time. You can see PM in your watch from 12 noon to 12 noon.

Now you must have known that what is the meaning of AM and PM, we all know that time has day and night time, so 24 hours is divided into two parts AM which means before noon and PM. Which means midday means after noon. In this article, along with removing the confusion between AM and PM, you must have come to know about both their meanings.

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