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What is MPIN? :- Friends, as you all know that in today’s time all of us are doing all our work through digitization, with digital methods, we can very easily do our money transactions by mobile sitting at home in minutes. For this, citizens are taking advantage of this facility by connecting their mobile number with their bank account. Citizens need MPIN i.e. Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number for online transactions done through mobile banking , this MPIN is used as a security code like ATM PIN for secure online transactions, so that any Common citizens can do secure transactions through MPIN by saving their time.

How applicants will be able to use MPIN for online transactions from banking, what benefits they will get through this and how citizens will be able to get MPIN, applicants will be able to get all the information related to this through our article.

Use of MPIN

MPIN This is a kind of security code which is full 4 digits , in many banks it is also 6 digits , through which citizens can do money transactions for any work through their mobile, but for this Citizens have to get the facility of mobile banking, which citizens can also get it by registering through the bank or through USSD and UPI app on their mobile, MPINThe code is as sensitive as it is necessary, just as the applicants get the convenience of transacting money from their bank accounts by using it, in the same way it is also the responsibility of the user to keep this code safe because many times it It is seen that by sharing your code with any other person, money is withdrawn from the bank accounts of citizens through wrong means, so this security code is very necessary, which can be done through your mobile through your bank’s credit card. Keeps the donation safe, but for this it is necessary that the citizen should not tell his MPIN to anyone.

What is MPIN and how to get it?

ArticleWhat is MPIN? how to get it
Full name of MPINMobile Banking Personal Identification Number
MPIN ApplicationOnline
beneficiaryall citizens of the country
UseProviding Transaction Facility through Mobile Banking

Requirement of MPIN in mobile transactions

As we told you that MPIN is used for financial transactions, to keep this transaction secure, mobile banking has been made two-way authentication by the government, i.e. now anyone who has mobile banking To use it, he has to do his transaction only through two way authentication, that is, the way we can withdraw money from our accounts only through our ATM card and our ATM PIN, in the same way for online banking transactions First of all, the applicant’s registered mobile number is authenticated which is attached to their bank account, after which secure banking transactions are possible through the applicant’s MPIN ie code.

What is the transaction used for MPIN?

The MPIN can be used by the applicant for the given transactions.

  • mobile banking
  • UPI App
  • IVR
  • SMS Banking
  • IMPS
  • USSD Banking

Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number के लाभ

Some of the information about the benefits that applicants will get from MPIN are as follows.

  • MPIN is a confidential code, which makes every individual banking transaction secure.
  • MPIN is a 4 digit code only, which can be created by the applicant on his/her own convenience through USSD and UPI app on their mobile.
  • Transaction will not be possible from the account of citizens until MPIN is not entered, due to this, even if someone’s mobile is lost, then no transaction will be possible from his account until the correct MPIN is not entered. Ho.
  • Applicants will be able to easily get MPIN through their mobile through their bank also.

How to get MPIN?

Applicants can get it by reading the given procedure to get MPIN.

  • Applicants can get MPIN in two ways.
  • First by registering your mobile banking, in which you will be provided USER ID and MPIN by the bank .
  • Secondly, by using BHIM app, USSD, UPI app, applicants will be able to generate their own MPIN automatically.
  • Only after that applicants will be able to do financial transactions using their MPIN.

Process to generate MPIN by USSD

Applicants can check the process of MPIN generated by USSD from here.

  • First of all the applicant has to do *99# dil on his mobile number.
  • After this, as soon as the USSD service starts, you will have to link it with the bank.
  • For this, you have to send by typing the first 4 numbers of your bank’s IFSC code and three letters of the bank’s name.
  • Now send by typing 7 numbers in the next menu.
  • Now to generate MPIN, select 1 number and sand it, after that you can write your MPIN as per your convenience and submit it.
  • After this, after reading the given instructions, type 2 numbers and send it, you will be able to change your MPIN.
  • Now you have to submit the old MPIN and enter the new MPIN and re-enter it for confirmation and submit it.
  • In this way your new MPIN will be generated after changing your previous MPIN.

What is the full form of MPIN?

The full form of MPIN is Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number .

What is MPIN and where is it used?

MPIN is a kind of security code, which is four digits, which can be used by citizens for financial transactions through their mobile banking.

How citizens can get MPIN on their mobile?

Citizens can also obtain MPIN by creating their own MPIN on their mobile through USSD and UPI app or by registering with the bank.

Where can MPIN be used?

MPIN can be used by the applicant for Mobile Banking, UPI App, IVR, SMS Banking, IMPS, USSD Banking etc.

What are the benefits of MPIN?

As we told that this is a kind of security code through which your online transaction is safe, without MPIN you cannot do the transaction.

How applicant citizens can generate their MPIN?

Applicant citizens who want to generate their MPIN can read the above given procedure to generate it.

We have provided you all the information related to what is MPIN and how to get it through our article and we hope that this information will be very useful for you, if you like our article or ask any question related to it. If yes, then you can ask your question in the comment box below, we will try our best to answer your questions.

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