What is CVV code?

What is CVV code? – In today’s time every person has Debit/ATM Card etc. available and using it to take advantage of the service of online banking. But often CVV code is required at the time of online payment or to add your account in any online banking application like Phone Pe, Gogle Pay etc.

But many Debit Card users are still not aware of this, due to which they are unable to use the ATM card online. If you are also one of those Debit Cards users. Then this article will prove to be very informative for you.

Because today in this article we will discuss in detail the important important points related to CVV code like what is CVV code, use of CVV ​​code, full form of CVV ​​etc. So stay with us till the end of the article. So let’s start – 

What is CVV code

What is CVV code?

Many codes are entered by the bank on the debit / credit card issued by any bank to protect the account and card,

 Which we need to make payment by card, of which there is also CVV code, which is recorded on Debit / ATM card and is of 3 to 4 digits, which you need while making any online payment or any online payment application. For example, logging in to Phone Pe, Google Pay, Paytm etc. is done.

 The purpose of which is to maintain the security of the bank account and to verify that the card is being used as intended by its owner. Apart from this, let us know about other important points related to CVV –

CVV Code Key Full Form

The full form of CVV ​​is  “Card Verification Value”  or in Hindi, the full form of CVV ​​is “Card Verification Code”.

History of CVV ​​Codes 

The father of CVV ​​is considered to be Michael Stone, it was through him that the CVV Code was first presented to the world in 1995 and it was first used by the Concept UK Association. After which American Express took it in the year 1999. Apart from this, let us tell you that in 2016, a new e-commerce motion court said that this three-digit code should be changed every hour. This will increase the security further. But it was not possible now.

Where is the CVV code located on the card?

cvv kya hota hai You must have known this very well by now. But do you know where the CVV code is, if not! So let us tell you that the CVV code in Visa, MasterCard is on the back side which is three digits, apart from this, in American Express, the CVV code is 4 digits, which is entered on the front side.

Why and where is the CVV code needed ?

Let us know for your better information that where and why the CVV Code is needed. Which is as follows – 

  • The CVV Code was lunched for Security Reasons, which confirms that the card is being used as per the wishes of its owner.
  • CVV code is required to do transaction through debit card on any e-commerce website and online website.
  • CVV Code is also required if you add an account in any online payment app like Phone Pay, Google Pay, Free Recharge, Paytm etc. 

Difference Between CVV and CVC 

Although in general there is not much difference between CVV and CVC as both are used to maintain bank security at the time of transaction, but “ CVC”  stands for Card Validation Code, which is used by MasterCard. and  “CVV”  stands for Card Verification Value, which is used by Visa Card.

Important questions and their answers from cvv– 

What is CVV Code?

CVV code is a three digit code which is written on the reverse side of the card.

Can the CVC code be changed?

No! You cannot change the CVV code, as it is permanently recorded on the Debit/ATM card and can be changed only when a new card is issued.

Is the CVV code only for three digits?

No! The CVV code is also a four-digit code, as it is on American Express.

Is the CVV code recorded on the credit card as well?

Yes! The CVV code is also entered on the credit card.

What is the full form of CVV?

The full form of CVV ​​is “Card Verification Value”.

Conclusion –

Today in this article you learned about the complete information about cvv kya hota hai. Hope you have enjoyed reading about it and this information will prove to be very important for you. Apart from this, if you want to get any other special information about CVV code. So you can comment in the comment box.

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