What is 5G Technology All About

what is 5g technology in English:- The new technology of Tele-Communication is going to take its place in India soon. Yes, we are talking about the fastest mobile network i.e. 5G network of the fifth generation, we can estimate the speed of 5G in this way. 100 times the speed of a 4G network, just like 4G, 5G is also based on the same mobile networking principle. In this article, what is going to change about 5G for you? Know about its advantages, disadvantages, and disadvantages.

What is 5G Technology

We have reached 2021 and it is the era of 5G! 5G is being discussed for the last two to three years and now its use has started in many countries including China, America, Japan, and even South Korea. As soon as 5G is discussed, we start talking about things like Automatic Vehicles, Augmented Reality, and the Internet of Things.

5G Technology Evolution

First of all let us understand the mobile phone technology generation, which generation came when, and how much speed it has.

What is 5G Technology

1G Technology: 1G technology used analog signal. It was introduced in 1980. Its speed limit used to work at 2.4 kbps. It was first introduced in America.

2G Technology: – 2G technology came in 1991. It was based on GSM. It used a digital signal. Its speed was 64 kbps. It was first launched in Finland.

3G technology came in 2000: – Through this services such as video games, transfer of large files, and video calling feature were provided. These are also called smartphones. After this new data plans were launched.

4G technology came in 2011: – 4G technology came in 2011. Through this, users can use the speed of 100 Mbps i.e. 1 Gbps.

5G has been developed in recent years. Which is being started its trial in India. Due to this companies will make this service available to smartphone users in the coming months. In such a situation, it is important for you to know what will be the effect of the arrival of 5G on people’s lives, can this fast work be done, will also help the IoT device.

It is believed that there will be no limit in its connectivity and speed. This will be the wireless technology of the future. There will be more security in 5G support phones. Due to the fast running of the Internet, it will affect many things. Well, you will know more about all this.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks. Think of 5G in a way that means 100 times the speed of the 4G network, just like 4G, 5G is also based on the same mobile networking principle. The fifth-generation wireless technology is capable of delivering ultra-low latency (the speed of the signal between your phone and the tower) and multi-Gbps data speeds.

What is 5G Technology

How 5G Technology Works It is a software-based network designed to enhance the speed and performance of wireless networks. This technology also increases the amount of data that can be transmitted over a wireless network.

5G technology is developed on the basis of five

What is 5G Technology

Millimeter-wave 5G L:- Millimeter-wave 5G acquires a lot of data, which makes data transfer possible at speeds of up to 1 GB per second. Such technology is currently being used by telecom operators such as Verizon and AT&T in the US.

Speed ​​Sales: – The second basis of 5G technology is speed sales. Millimeter-wave has a problem with range, which is compensated by speed sales. Since mm-wave cannot operate in obstructions, a large number of mini cell towers are installed throughout the area to relay the signal from the main cell tower. These small cells are placed at a shorter distance than the traditional tower so that users can get the 5G signal without any interruption.

Maximum MIMO:- The next basis of 5G technology is maximum MIMO, it is called multiple-input and multiple-output technology, using this technology large cell towers are used to manage traffic. A regular cell tower that provides a 4G network comes with 12 antennae that handle the cellular traffic in that area.

MIMO can support up to 100 antennas simultaneously which increases the capacity of the tower when there is heavy traffic. With the help of this technology, it helps to transmit 5G signal easily.

Beamforming:- Beamforming is a technique that can continuously monitor multiple sources of frequency and when one signal is blocked, it switches to another stronger and higher speed tower. It ensures that specific data goes only in a specific direction.

Full Duplex: – For information, let us tell you that you must have read about Duplex. A full duplex is a technology that helps transmit and receive data simultaneously in the same frequency band. This type of technology is used in landline telephones and short wave radios; it is similar to a two-way street, which sends equal traffic on both sides.

5G technology is built on these five bases, the frequency for this technology is generally between 3Gzh – 6Gzh. This frequency is used to increase the reach of electronic devices in which devices like laptops, mobiles tablets, etc. are present. However, due to increasing traffic in this system, its reach is decreasing, so the scientists engaged in this work are thinking of increasing its frequency from 6Gzh to 24Gzh – 300Gzh which is also called high band and millimeter-wave.

What is 5g technology and how does it work

SG signals are transmitted to new radio frequencies Small cell sites are installed in the area to create a 5G wireless network. There are three ways to create a 5G network based on the structure of the wireless network.

  1. The first is the low-band network. Its coverage area is large but it is only 20 percent faster than 4G.
  2. The second is the high-band network. Its speed is very high but it cannot cover long distances and it is difficult to go through hard surfaces
  3. The third way is the mid-band network. It balances speed and coverage.

High-band networks are required to set up a superfast 5G network. To create high speeds, 5G relies on MM waves that range in the spectrum between 30 GHz and 300 GHz. Many small cell sites are used for this. These cell sites are installed on the roofs or pillars of buildings in the area. These cells need to be used because the millimeter-wave can only travel short distances and is interrupted by weather and physical obstacles such as buildings and trees.

The previous generation of wireless technology used a lower frequency band spectrum. The wireless industry is also considering using a lower frequency spectrum for 5G networks to cover long distances and interruptions. So that network operators can use their existing spectrum to create their new networks. The lower frequency spectrum can reach long distances but has lower speed and power than MM waves.

what are the features of 5g technology

What is 5G Technology
  • The speed obtained from the 5G network is many times faster than 4G.
  • There will be very little latency time in this network which makes the real-time experience even better.
  • Maximum speeds from 5 to 10 Gbps can be achieved. But the speed may vary according to the device.
  • High-quality video can be easily streamed using 5G.
  • Computers can be controlled with mobile phones using 5G.
  • 5G also helps to save energy. With its use, the power consumption of the network is reduced by up to 90%.
  • Compared to 4G, 5G can connect 100 times more devices per unit area.
  • 5G is more secure than 4G.
  • Low battery consumption in 5G.
  • It provides 100% coverage.
  • Having 1-millisecond latency
  • Having 1000x bandwidth per unit area
  • Apart from this, it provides 100% coverage.
  • It helps a lot in saving energy. Due to this, it helps in reducing network energy usage by almost 90%.
  • There is more reliability in its communications

what is speed of 5g

5G is designed to deliver a maximum data rate of up to 20 Gbps based on the IMT-2020 standard. And it can provide average data speeds up to 100 Mbps. Also, 5G is designed to expand into a new spectrum and provide more network capabilities. Such as MM waves.

What is 5G Technology

5G offers very low latency for fast response and provides a more uniform user experience overall. So that the speed of data is higher even when users are moving around. The new 5G NR mobile network is supported by the Gigabit LTE Coverage Foundation which can provide ubiquitous gigabit-class connectivity.

Advantages of 5G Technology

  • After the arrival of 5G, apart from the speed, the whole system around you will change. With the arrival of 5G, low latency means that the response system of any device will be very fast. Right now in 4G this time is 50 to 100 milliseconds but in 5G it will be one millisecond. This speed is 300 times faster than the blinking speed, that is, whatever command you give will happen in real time.
  • Machine learning or artificial intelligence is developing rapidly, in which there is a great participation of the Internet, when you upload any data on the Internet, ie input it, 5G can be used in a better way.
  • Automated cars will also be able to communicate better with each other and share data related to transport and maps live.
  • 5G CSX from 4G technology where you will get 100 times faster speed Just imagine that you downloaded a full HD movie in under 3 seconds. 5G network is going to be so fast. According to Qualcomm, a company working in this field, 5G is capable of delivering speeds of 20 GB per second in traffic capacity and network efficiency. In such a situation, you can guess that the work will be done in the blink of an eye.
  • After the arrival of 5G, the machines will talk among themselves. Will work on my own when given command. Think of it as an example that you have gone to some other city for some work but after reaching there you remember that you have not turned off the refrigerator and inverter at home. So this 5G will make it easy for you. You will give a command from your smartphone and it will be followed in less than a second at your home hundreds of kilometers away.
  • The company believes that 5G network will give such speed, which can experience augmented reality in real time. This will also help in the development of hardware working on Augmented Reality.
  • 5G technology is going to be the basis for Virtual Reality, Automatic Driving and Internet of Things. It is not only going to enhance your smartphone usage experience, but is also going to help in the development of medical, infrastructure and even manufacturing. That is, work can be done with the command of your smart phone.
  • 5G technology will completely change the world of medical science. Sitting in a corner of the world, the surgeon will be able to perform the biggest surgery on any patient. Robotic arm will be used for this. The doctor will do the operation by looking at his skin. With VR technology, you will be able to bring your imagination to life.

Challenges and Drawbacks of 5G

  • Yes, of course, as it is said that no one is perfect, in the same way 5G has many advantages as well as some drawbacks. Let us tell you that millimeter webs cannot go very far, as well as if an object comes in the middle then the connectivity is broken.
  • Bringing 5G technology is going to be very expensive. Network operators will have to remove the existing system as it requires frequencies higher than 3.5Ghz which is a larger bandwidth than that used in 3G or 4G.
  • The bandwidth of the sub-6 Ghz spectrum is also limited, so its speed can be lower than that of millimeter-wave.
  • In addition, millimeter-wave is more effective over short distances and may not work in obstructions. It can also be absorbed by trees and during rain, which means that you will need a lot of hardware to implement 5G in a concrete way. Due to which the companies will have to spend more in implementing it and installing the device. This will make it more expensive for the customer.

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