WWE just made things worse with Sasha Banks and Naomi. Much worse. What were the options considered by Vince McMahon and discarded?

I can’t think of how Friday’s actions on Smackdown! make things any more amicable after two of the company’s standout performers walked out, due to bad creative plans, earlier this week.

Both Naomi and Banks were suspended indefinitely by the company and stripped of WWE’s women’s tag team titles, the root of the duo’s disgust with their creative direction in the first place.

All of Banks and Naomi’s merchandise has been pulled from the company’s online store and they are no longer advertised for any upcoming shows through the rest of the summer.

It’s made the rounds on social media that Banks and Naomi’s walkout was due to McMahon’s meddling with their storylines.

Banks and Naomi were reunited as a team in February after neither had a singles feud lined up for WrestleMania, and they did their best to bring legitimacy to WWE’s floundering women’s tag division. It was a tough ask, but their title reign led to several good matches.

WWE’s reaction to Naomi and Banks looks even worse when you see how no reprimands were handed out last year when Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch’s backstage heat led to a horribly managed on-screen segment, where they exchanged titles after switching brands as champions.

It made both women look childish by going off script.

It made both women look childish by going off script.

There was never another mention of it on television and both went about their business without even a slap on the wrist.