Umbrella Academy Season 3: Here is everything to Remember Before Watching

Everyone's favorite dysfunctional adopted superhero family returns for a third season on Netflix on Wednesday.

This series based on Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's comic book series is the ultimate polished package of time travel shenanigans.

The subversive superhero show explores what would happen if the world's greatest superheroes were secretly corrupt and controlled by a money-making juggernaut.

The Boys is also a no-holds-barred satire of Marvel and DC, depicting basically everything the kid-friendly blockbusters are forbidden to.

The main antagonist of season 2 survives the final episode's events, but reportedly won't be appearing in season 3.

Vought CEO Stan Edgar had plans to sell Compound V but presses the pause button when Stormfront's Nazi past is leaked.

In the final moments of season 2, the leader of the Collective Alastair Adana is killed, which could mean reduced involvement from the group in season 3.

Herb (Ken Hall), now acting chairperson of the Commission, awards the siblings a briefcase to return home.