Top 10 Female NASCAR Drivers Of All Time

Danica Patrick won six Top-10 positions and a pole.

Patty Moise was placed in the Top-10 four times and finished 22nd in Xfinity Series points in 1990.

Shawna Robinson is in third place on our list of the 10 best female NASCAR racers.

Johanna Long was inducted as the fourth-best female NASCAR driver on our list.

Jennifer Jo Cobb finished 29th in 2011 and was the best finisher.

In 1997 Tammy Jo Kirk placed 20th in the World Truck Series.

Tina Gordon made her Xfinity series debut in 2001. She finished 25th in the 2003 World Truck Series points.

Erin Crocker has been awarded the Quarter Midgets of American Female Driver of the Year award three, 1993-1995.

Kim Crosby Xfinity series made 10 starts and finished 72nd in 2004.

Angela Cope finished 55th in 2011. She also made her debut in the Camping World Truck Series 2010.