biggest woman bodybuilder in the world of all time


Nataliya Kuznetsova

Her squats 400 pounds, benches 375 pounds, and has 20 inches of biceps and 30 inches of thighs. Her off-season weight is 114kgs.

Lenda Murray

Lenda Murray is a professional American bodybuilding athlete who dominated the bodybuilding events throughout the 90s.

She was unbeaten in Ms. Olympia from the year 1996 to 1999. She had 16.5-inch biceps, 28” quads, and 46''

Kim Chisevsky

Iris Kyle

He has 10 overall Ms. Olympia titles with heavyweight wins along with 7 Ms. International wins.

Yaxeni Oriquen

She also won the title of Ms. International 5 times and She become Ms. Olympia in the year 2005.

Denise Masino

She was first big win in 1995 at the NPC Nationals and She won the Night of Champions in 2003.

Marianna Komlos

She won the Gators Classic, the British Columbia Championship In 1996, and the Women’s Extravaganza in 1997.

Nikki Fuller


Her biceps measured 457 mm, and she weighed 91 kg. She won Novice Oregon in 1998.

Nicole Bass 

She won the NPC National Bodybuilding Championship in 1997. She has participated in XPW and Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Rebekka Armstrong

She won the Muscle Beach competition in 2004, NPC Los Angeles Championship (2004), NPC Pittsburgh (2005), and the NPC Los Angeles Championships in 2009.