The Madeleine Albright Few Knew

Her former spokesman shares a behind-the-scenes view of how the former Secretary of State wielded power at the height of American influence.

Around the world, a time in the late ’90s when Madeleine Albright became the first woman to be named Secretary of State.

She was adviser to Democratic candidates for president, ambassador to the United Nations or America’s first female secretary of State.

In the 1990s, Secretary Albright really was a woman alone in a sea of men. At the United Nations, she used to joke that if she ever wrote a book it would be called “14 Suits and a Skirt,”

she spent most of her time in the U.N. Security Council with 14 male ambassadors.

In addition to her work to prevent a potential genocide of Kosovar Albanians, bring peace and democratic change to the Balkans and expand NATO to include Poland.

As secretary Albright told me many times in recent years.