The French meal Julia Child called life-changing

A single meal forever changed Julia Child's life and American kitchens with it. It featured a mild, white-fleshed fish served in a butter sauce.

The legendary American chef stepped on French soil in 1948 for the first time

Child and her husband, Paul, stopped for lunch at Restaurant La Couronne ("The Crown") in Rouen, the ca

For their first meal in France, Paul ordered oysters, sole meunière and a green salad. Child devoured the meal, calling it "perfection."

Alex Prud'homme, Child's grandnephew and cowriter of her memoir, "My Life in France," opened the book with this now famous scene.

"Julia is describing the sensation of eating her first bite of real French food and literally falling in love with it at that moment, without realizing that was the meal that changed her life

He suggested a green salad with a tangy vinaigrette, a baguette with butter, and a glass of white wine to accompany the fish.

The child's advice to cooks was to work hard, take risks and above all have fun. Lessons that apply to cooking -- but also to building an amazing recipe for life.