Stranger Things Season 4: The Significance of The Hellfire Club

It has some of Hawkins' favorites playing Dungeons & Dragons with a group known as The Hellfire Club, a name with wider pop culture significance.

When we catch up with Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Erica in Stranger Things season 4 episode 1, it’s good to see that high school.

Munson is an ‘80s metalhead, one who revels in the “satanic panic” that surrounds both his chosen music and his favorite hobby.

With a sardonic sense of humor, he’s named his D&D group “The Hellfire Club,”

The name “The Hellfire Club” also has broader historical and pop cultural significance.

It is an interesting piece about how TSR certainly flirted with real-world occultism and demonology.

Believe it or not, Hellfire Clubs were real things back in 18th century Britain. They were social clubs for rich people where they could do roughly anything they wanted outside.

Sir Francis Dashwood started a club and gave it the motto “Do What Thou Wilt”