Gerard Pique and Shakira SPLIT after cheating scandal

Barcelona center-back, Gerard Pique and his long-term partner, Shakira, have allegedly been living separately for a number of weeks

De Rozas, who appeared on a live video stream of the podcast Mamarazzi's,  which is posted every Wednesday on the Instagram and Facebook accounts of the El Periodico newspaper.

As per reports, Shakira caught her husband red-handed and the pair are now living separately. There’s a major question mark over their marriage.

Shakira caught Pique cheating with another woman a few weeks ago, which has led to the alleged split.

Pique has reportedly packed out of the house that he shares with Shakira.

The report added that Pique lives a “party lifestyle” and regularly visits nightclubs such as the Patron and Bling Bling in Barcelona

Of course, at the time of writing, these are merely rumors and we cannot definitively say if there is any substance behind the stories in the Spanish press.

While the veracity of the claims is not certain, De Rozas claimed the following: “That is why she (Shakira) would’ve made the decision to separate.