Rumors News: Is Jim Carrey Dead In 2022?

Rumors suggesting Jim Carrey is dead in 2022 have been circulating online. However, this is completely false as the actor is fine and doing good.

The rumors about Carrey being dead are reportedly surfacing on YouTube as well as Twitter.

The headline for the news outlet read: “Tragic passing of Jim Carrey. Jim Carre’s health diminishing: Source.

The online post had some people confused, it just happens to be a clickbait that some people have fallen for.

While there have been no physical problems reported by the actor he has opened up about having mental health issues.

While sitting down for an interview with Jeff Foster, the actor admitted he had battled depression.

Carrey stated that “Jim Carrey” never existed as it was just a character he was trying to portray in the hope that people would love him.

Carrey has managed to make a mark in the movie industry by taking on roles that might be hard for someone else to carry forward.