Netflix Resident Evil Trailers Take Us to a Brand New Raccoon City

The swift one-minute trailer introduces us to Resi regular Albert Wesker, who now has two daughters: Billie and Jade.

Things start very utopian with the introduction of New Raccoon City in the present day.

Where citizens do yoga in the streets and drink from bottles stamped with the Umbrella logo.

This movie deteriorate when the time skips from 2022 to London in 2036.

Here we see Billie and Jade trying to survive what looks like an even grimier version of 28 Days Later.

There are glimpses of what could be familiar monsters a split second of what looks like a licker, a monster in a tank that could possibly be a tyrant, and - of course - a zombie dog.

But the hints to this being a proper Resident Evil project are subtle, such as a red umbrella in a sea of black ones.