Kris Bryant signs massive contract seven-year, $182 million

Bryant is signing a seven-year/$182 million deal to join the Colorado Rockies.

This comes after the former National League MVP split the 2021 season with the Cubs and San Francisco Giants.

it’s a bigger deal than many believed he would get at the outset of the offseason

It’s unclear what other suitor was so aggressive in their pursuit of Bryant that the Rockies

Bryant is still a very good offensive player with defensive flexibility

he was worth 20.7 fWAR in his first three Major League seasons

Bryant got three more years and an additional $103 million, so clearly things weren’t equal.

Bryant got off to a hot start last season, hitting .322 in April and .327 in May

Bryant is a career .278 hitter with 167 homers and 487 RBIs.