Kate Middleton and Prince William’s love story is one for the ages.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are one of the most beloved royal couples in history.

Kate and William first laid eyes on each other while studying at St. Andrews University.

The pair had built a strong foundation as friends while they were students at St. Andrews University.

We ended up being friends for a while," Prince William explained during the couple's now-famous 2010 engagement interview with Tom Bradby of ITV News.

As it turned out, it was the strong bond they formed as friends that made their union so solid.

Kate and William's relationship quickly progressed, and the two began living.

William's view of Kate reportedly took a turn when the art student strutted her stuff in a college fashion show titled "The Art of Seduction"

The couple moved out of their four-bedroom apartment and into a place of their own circa 2003.

Kate Middleton and Prince William announce their engagement November 16, 2010.

Kate Middleton and Prince William get married April 29, 2011.