Apple M1 Ultra most powerful chip for a personal computer

M1 Ultra consists of 114 billion transistors, and supports up to a massive 128GB of fast unified memory.

Apple’s innovative UltraFusion packaging architecture connects two M1 Max die to create the incredibly powerful M1 Ultra.

The M1 Ultra is the final chip of the M1 era. No other M1 chips are waiting in the wings—this is it

M1 Ultra features an extraordinarily powerful 20-core CPU with 16 high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores.

The 20-core CPU of M1 Ultra delivers 90 percent higher multi-threaded performance than the fastest available 16-core PC desktop chip in the same power envelope.

For the most graphics-intensive needs, like 3D rendering and complex image processing, M1 Ultra has a 64-core GPU — 8x the size of M1

M1 Ultra has a 64-core GPU, delivering faster performance than the highest-end PC GPU available, while using 200 fewer watts of power.

The advantage of M1 Ultra’s huge increases in CPU, GPU, and memory bandwidth.