Android 13: Everything You Need To Know About

Google is currently rolling out the third beta build of Android 13, and you can install the Android 13 beta on your Pixel phone right now.

The company also highlights privacy and security features in Android 13, and there’s a lot of building upon Android’s bigger-screen ambitions in foldable and tablets.

In April, Google opened up Android 13 to the general public with the first Beta release and has released two more through June.

Google will now build support for braille displays into Android.

Braille displays are devices that allow people who are vision impaired to interact with computers and read text that would typically appear on-screen.

With Android 13, Google is planning to enhance the color hues with four new options.

In the first Beta of Android 13, Google expanded the number of available Material You colors from five to 11.

With its first Beta release of Android 13, Google highlighted new support for media sharing features.

Arriving in Android 13 Beta 3.3 is Google’s annual Android Easter egg.