3 dead, 11 injured after shooting on South Street in Philadelphia

A Philadelphia police inspector said that officers “observed several active shooters shooting into the crowd” on South Street.

Three people died and at least 11 others were injured in a shooting in Philadelphia late Saturday, authorities said.

It all happened shortly before midnight Saturday when police on patrol heard numerous gunshots from the 200 block of South Street.

Those officers saw several active shooters firing into a crowd, Inspector D F Pace said during an early Sunday morning news conference.

Shortly before midnight, police officers on patrol in a popular nightlife area heard gunfire and witnessed “several active shooters” firing into a crowd.

At least two guns were recovered from the scene, and Pace said one of them had an extended magazine.

In all, 14 people were hit by gunfire. Of those victims, three people are dead and 11 more are wounded.

The victims who were killed included two men and a woman. All three suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the body.

Pace said at least one of the shooters fled southbound on American Street. Police are looking for surveillance videos to help them identify the shooters.