12 Celebrities Who Have Publicly Promoted Cryptocurrency to Their Fans

Reese Witherspoon started promoting cryptocurrency at the beginning of 2022 with messages that ruffled a few feathers.

Kim Kardashian casually threw out a question on her Instagram Story in the summer of 2021.

Tom Brady has been leaning into cryptocurrency, not only on his social media pages.

Serena Williams’ mission has been “to expand bitcoin to women and people of color and promoting cryptocurrency on her social media platforms.

Like Reese Witherspoon, Matt Damon was heavily criticized for doing an ad for Crypto.com,

Gwyneth Paltrow to the list of celebrities teaming up with CashApp to promote bitcoin with a $500,000-holiday giveaway last December.

Jamie Foxx was an early adopter of investing in cryptocurrency —  you can even find tweets going back to 2017.

Mila Kunis is happy to talk about her initial hesitation about investing in bitcoin, something she did openly in an April 2021 interview with Stephen Colbert.

Paris Hilton’s association with cryptocurrency goes back to 2016, making her another pioneer in this financial space.

Mike Tyson is another early adopter in the cryptocurrency space going back to 2015 when he partnered up with Bitcoin Direct to launch a Bitcoin wallet.

TikTok star Charlie D’Amelio has been on the crypto promotional train because companies obviously want to get Gen Y involved early on.

Yes, even reality stars are getting in on the action like The Bachelor‘s Matt James. He dates, he waltzes on Dancing With the Stars and he’s a crypto investor.