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Google has launched new features under one of its new updates. What is the name of Google web stories?

Web Stories
Web Stories

What is this and how will we use it, how will we monetize it
and how can we earn money from it again. We will know all this in this article. So let’s know.

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Google web stories What is a Google web story?

If we understand in a simple language then Google web stories is a visual storytelling format. This will be visible to the users in Google’s search result and when they tab on it, then this story will come on their screen in full format and users will be able to enjoy it.

Every time some new method is brought by Google, from which people get a lot of benefits. This time Google has also launched its google web stories like Instagram. It shared this news in its stories. google on 6th Nov 2021.

Google will also now show you stories on Instagram youtube or Facebook. These stories will be shown on your Google app which will be shown on Android and iOS. Google has started it in US, Brazil, and India. It has more searches in the big country. 

How to use Google AMP web stories?

First, let us tell you that AMP is in full form (Accelerated Mobile Page). Which is a new form of google web stories. About 2 years ago Google launched a feature called stories of the web. 

But at that time it was not so special. But on today’s date, it is amazing. You will not be able to stop yourself from seeing its features. The best thing is for bloggers that now it can be used through the WordPress plugin.

Where will Google web stories appear?

By creating this web story, you will be able to see it in Google images, Google apps, and Google Discover.

Mobile screenshot

How to make Google web stories with a WordPress plugin?

If you are a blogger then you will be able to use this plugin but
it is currently in the plugin (Beta) version. And you will not be able to download it from the plugin section of WordPress.

You can still get a bug in this plugin because it is currently in (Beta) version. You want to download this plugin. So we are giving you the link to neeche Github, you can go and download it from there. 

Google web stories  Download plugin 

What are the benefits of Google Web Stories?

Every single product of Google is very beneficial by the way. We will know the benefits of Google web stories
from the list given below.

Google web stories benefit list

Fast Contents Produce- Whatever content you write on WordPress in 1000 words, you can post it fast by writing it here in 10 words. And users will come to your blog after reading the headline of your content and will also share that story.

 share content- Google web stories A short content that is a visually settled image or video. Which can be easily shared.

Analytics tools- You will be able to track this with Google Analytics, this is a better option.

Fast loading- stories are always fast content. Which is shared by posting. This property reaches the user and attracts the user’s attention towards itself.

how to put a video in google web stories 

Just like you upload a short video on youtube or on Instagram, you
can also upload a short video on it. But know some conditions first.

  • Video Length – Whatever video you make, its length should not be more than 15 seconds. A length longer than this will not be acceptable.
  •  Fram – Before making a video, definitely check whether your video portrait is made in the frame or not, it is the best fram portrait for short stories. Your video will not appear in short stories in Landscape.
  •  Subtitles- Every video of yours must have a Subtitle i.e. Caption. So that the user can read it.

The caption is also necessary so that if the user can read your video in any public place without playing it, what is the video about.

  • Text limits- Google has given you a minimum font size of 24 sizes with limits of 200 characters.

How to earn money from Google web stories?

When it comes to Google, Google will not leave you alone, Google is given the opportunity to monetize Google Web Stories, through which you will be able to earn your stories through ads.

Ways to earn money from google web stories.

  1. Google Monetization- We can monetize our stories through google stories ads. Like we monetize the blog.
  2. We can earn money even by applying Amazon Affiliate linksUnder the Amazon associate program.
  3. Content promotion- We can promote our content so that we can get more traffics.

Through our stories, we can also generate affiliate marketing and leads.

How to monetize Google web stories?

You can use google ads manager and google dv360 to monetize it.

Google web stories updates 

Right now the (Beta) version of google web stories has been launched.
When its original version will be launched, then we will update you
in a second article or below this with updates.

Is it better than Instagram Stories?

Every single product of Google is better in itself. Surely this is also a better product.
Can beat Instagram. Because there is an option to add monetization and link in it.


I have given you complete information about Google Web Stories.
And also know how to use it, you have liked this article of mine.
So definitely do this lion with your friends.

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