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In what fields are computers being used today? 

Uses of computer in English : Today we are living in the modern era and almost all the work around us is not done without the help of computer , because computer specializes in giving an accurate and accurate result.

In earlier times, computers used to be of very large size, but as the problems progressed, computers are getting better and smaller in size. Today the computer is used in almost every work area.

Uses of computer in English

It is because of computers that today all the work is being done on time and accurately. Today we are going to tell you all about the use of computer through this important article of ours. If you want to know where the computer is being used, then you must read this article of ours till the end.

Types of Computers in Modern Technology? ( In current technology types of computer in English)

In earlier times, computers were used only in desktop and in its heavy heavy form, but in view of the usefulness of computer in today’s modern technology, it has been designed in a more simple form. Let us move ahead in the article and know, how many types of computers are there in modern technology? The information of which is as follows below.

  1. Desktop Computers

 Desktop computers are customized through many different parts of the computer. Desktop computers are not portable and you have to use a table or a fixed place to use them. But yes friends, you can update different parts of desktop computer as per your requirement. There are many advantages of portable computer and if you want, you can use portable computer in your office.

  1. laptop computer

Laptop computers are very light in weight as compared to desktop computers and they can be easily carried and used anywhere as per their requirement. In today’s time, laptop computers have started selling in large numbers in comparison to Play and now laptop computers are available in the market of high graphic and high operating systems, which you can use for all your types of multitasking tasks.

  1. tablet computer

Tablet computers are even more portable than desktop and laptop computers, but friends, in this type of computer, you are not able to do more heavy work than laptop and desktop. Tablet computer is so much more portable that you can carry it even in your pocket and friends, in this type of computer you can do almost internet or other computer related tasks, but for more heavyweight this type The computer is not designed. The storage capacity of this type of computer is also less as well as memory RAM is also less available to us and it is not able to work very fast.

  1. handheld computer

It is the smallest computer of its kind and can easily perform its personal data management tasks and it can also be used in the most easily portable form. Handheld computers have fewer features than desktop computers and tablet computers, but yes, you can do small and simple tasks related to computers with ease. Most of the traveling people like to use this type of computer for their personal work. This type of computer can also be used as a mobile phone and camera. 

In what areas are computers being used? (Information about uses of computer in English)

Computer uses in English: In today’s time, the prevalence of computer has become so excessive, that today people like to take the help of computer to do their different types of work. Today , almost teachers, writers, doctors and other types of work are being done with the help of computer Let us know further, in which areas the computer is being used the most in today’s era.

Use of computer in household work ( computer uses for home in English):

  • Today the situation is such that people are now using computers in their homes. Due to the Corona crisis, now a lot of office employees are doing their office work at home through computer. In today’s time, only for the office workers, computers are helping in a way to complete the work of the office at home. If there was no computer in today’s time, then people who are working from home in this epidemic would also have become unemployed. Computer is also helpful in other types of household tasks such as: – In preparing the budget of the house, in doing entertainment, in downloading videos – movies and also in doing video conferencing meetings with all the office people at home. Is.

Use of computer in the field of business (computer uses for business work field in English):

  • In today’s time, computer is playing an important role in providing a new model to business. With the help of computer, people are adopting new and easy and accurate way of doing business today. You can handle your business from anywhere through the computer and can easily do the related tasks.
  • With the help of computer, you can do all types of business related tasks such as :- Record of your employees, all types of information related to production, sales details, stops etc. . This is the reason that in today’s time computer is used extensively in the office and without computer you will not see any office working.

Cooperation of computer in the field of education (uses of computer for education field in English):

  • Today the situation has become such that the studies of almost all the students have been affected a lot due to the Corona crisis. In today’s odd situation, computer is also providing its full support in the field of education. Today almost maximum number of students are completing their studies in online form sitting at home.
  • Apart from this, computer is providing its other important support in the field of education, such as: – Get information about thousands of colleges university on just one click, get information about university or college courses, online in any form. With the help of computer, students are easily doing many types of education related work, applying for admission in college or university, due to which they also save a lot of time and their work can be completed accurately and accurately. Is.

Use of computer in the medical field

  • Today, technology is also being used a lot in the field of medicine, because it is used to find accurate results and correct disease. Today, in the field of medicine, computers are seen working in many of their forms, you must have seen that ultrasound, x-ra machines are operated with the help of computers and in addition, in many such medical tasks, computers are used in many forms. is done. With the help of computer, the help of computer is also taken in keeping records of patients.

Uses of computer in manufacturing field:

  • Today we are living in such a modern era, that we need many types of products to do our work. From morning till evening and traveling, we do not know how many products we use, which if not produced, then we will start having problems in living our life. Whatever we resort to in our everyday use and in doing our work, all those products are manufactured by one or the other company.
  • Today a huge amount of production work is being done in the field of all types of products. When any product is produced in large quantities, then it is called mass production. When meat production works in any company, then it is not only dependent on the worker, but in this type of production, we have many types. Machines also have to be resorted to, in such a situation computer is the only option, which plays its important role in meat production.
  • To produce any product in mass production, programming related to its production is done in the computer and then the computer automatic itself, with the help of that programming, easily executes the production work in a precise and accurate manner. Computer works so accurately, with such accuracy even human can not do that work easily and in less time.

Use of computer in sports field

  • Today, computers are mainly used to prepare the correct results related to sports and the schedule related to it. With the help of computer, you must have seen that umpires are able to give their accurate and correct decisions in the field of play. Apart from this, computers are also used to broadcast the game live. It is through the computer that the information of the players is displayed correctly on our TV screen.

Use of computer in scientific and research field ( science and research field computer is uses in English):

  • Today, every day scientists carry out their research on some topic and try to present something new and better in front of us. All the resources we are using today have been possible only because of scientific research. Today, all the research work is being done through scientists, all those research work is being done with the help of computer, due to which less time and easier work of scientists is done. Today computer is helpful in controlling many types of satellites and space shuttle from our earth in space.

Use of computer in the field of banking (in field of banking uses of computer in English):

  • Today almost all the people have their account in the bank and all the people keep going to the bank every day to do the work of their banks and you must have seen that the excessive amount of computer is used to do any kind of bank related work. Today, computer is helpful in keeping all types of details related to your account in the bank safe, even computer is used to open an account in the bank.
  • Earlier, when computers were not used in banks, then bank employees had to face a lot of problems in keeping all types of details related to banks safe. Sometimes the records were lost, due to which the employees also faced a lot of problems. Today, the computer performs all kinds of tasks related to the bank very accurately and accurately, due to which today computers are used extensively in the banking sector.

 Use of computer in the field of government? ( Computer used in government field in English)

  • Today the administration of our country is also emphasizing on working in digital form. Under e-governance, all types of work are done with the help of computers. The government takes the help of computers in all kinds of schemes, rules and other government benefits to reach the needy and keep the records of the beneficiary. Today, due to computers, there has also been a significant decline in tasks like corruption. Due to the use of computers in government work, corruption has almost come down, all this has been possible only with the use of computers.

Use of computer in the field of research and development? Research and development field computer uses in English)

  • Today you have seen that in the field of defense too much advanced technology is used. The enemy is tracked with the use of computer to locate his enemies accurately and if any enemy comes to the border of any country, then he is easily caught, then that country can easily attack his enemy. takes necessary action.
  • To target large missiles at their targets, the help of computer is taken. Any type of defense strategy is made using computer and it is executed accurately. Even today nuclear tests are being done with the help of computers.

Use of computer in the field of business? (Computer uses in business field in English)

  • In today’s time, computer is playing its important role to do every small business.
  •  From online business to offline business, work is being done very easily with the help of computer.
  • In every small business, computer is being used to manage the data of its ups and downs and profit loss.
  •  In the field of business, computer is playing its important role to clear the working schedule and payment of all its employees.
  •  In today’s time, the smart businessman, all those people use many small and big software to make their business bigger in their computer and build their business strategy according to that assessment.
  •  Overall, today the computer is playing its important role in the business sector and will continue to do so.

Interesting facts about computers? ( Interesting fact about computer in English)

Computer itself is considered to be the father of modern technology and not only this, friends also have many interesting facts related to computer, so let’s know, about some interesting facts related to computer which are thus pointed below. explained through.

  1. The keyboard and mouse were not used in all the computers that were invented between 1832 and 1964.
  2. It was invented in 1964 for the first time using the mouse in the computer and during that time the computer mouse was designed with the help of wood and it was done by ‘Doug Engelbart’ .
  3. The name of computer in English is ‘ Computer’ .
  4.  What was the first such computer made in the world, whose storage capacity was only 5MB.
  5. At present, more than 1 billion icons have been sold all over the world.
  6. The world’s first computer monitor was used in the year 1980. 
  7. The first use of keyboard in computer was in the year 1968.
  8. Generally, a person blinks his eye lids usually more than 20 times more than six times and when sitting in front of the same computer, that person does not blink his eyes more than 7 or 8 times only.
  9. A TV i.e. 1000GB hard dicks was first invented by the ‘ Hitachi’ company in the year 2007.
  10. The language was first used in computers in the form of machine language.
  11. More than 5000 computer viruses are created every month around the world.
  12.  India’s first computerized pollution free petrol pump is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  13. All types of computers in earlier times were based on DOC.
  14. The size of the earlier computers was about many thousands and millions of times larger than the current computers. In earlier times the computer used to come in the size of 1 big room.
  15. Do you know that earlier only 45 kV RAM chip was used in the computer.

Conclusion: –

Today, as the era is moving towards modern technologies, in the same way computers are also being used for many tasks. In today’s time, computer is seen in almost every house, because its use is increasing day by day.

Friends, in this article, we have given you detailed information about the various uses or uses of computer, we hope that now after reading this article, you will not need to read any other article on this topic.

If this article of ours today Uses of computer in English If you liked it, then please share it with your friends and family. If you have any question or idea related to this topic of ours today, then you must tell us in the comment box.

FAQ’s :

  1. Question: Are computers used for accurate results in the medical field? ( Is the computer used for the right results in the medical field )Answer: – In today’s time computer is used in medical field to get correct results.
  2. Question: Is the use of computer in education right? ( Is Computer Use Right in Education ) Answer: – Today in view of technology, it is very important to use computer in the education sector, because students also get a lot of benefit from its use.
  3. Question: Has there been a decline in job recruitments due to excessive use of computers? ( Has there been a drop in jobs due to excessive use of computers? ) Answer: – Yes, of course, where earlier many people had to be resorted to to do any work, but today with the help of computer, only the help of people to operate the computer or to do some other work is taken. Is. Therefore, from this point of view, there has been a decline in the recruitment of jobs as compared to earlier.
  4. Question: Can we use computer to do any kind of tasks to get accurate and correct results? ( Can we use the computer to get accurate and correct results for any kind of work? )Answer: – Yes, in today’s time, all the people do their work from the computer to get the right results and to save their time.
  5. Question: Will computers be used more extensively in the future? ( Will computers be used in larger quantities in future )
  6.  Answer: – Looking at the use of computers in today’s time, computers will be used in more and more quantities in future, because the technology of computer is developing day by day, due to which tasks can be done in easier and less time. are.
  7. Question: Will the people who are not using the computer in the future also use the computer? ( Will people who are not using the computer in the future also use the computer )
     Answer: –
     Yes, in the coming time, people who are not using the computer, they will also do it, because any work can be done easily by using it.
  8. Question: Is it necessary for everyone to have some knowledge of computer? ( Do all people need a little bit of computer knowledge ) 
  9. Answer: – In view of the usefulness of computer, it is necessary for almost all the people to have some knowledge of computer, because today computer is also used in office work, because of this you must have knowledge of computer.

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