How to Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number? 2022

How to Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number? Aadhar card is one such proof which is used as an identity card of any Indian citizen. Aadhar card is required by every person at some point of time. It is difficult to do any work without it. Whether you have to apply for a government job, or open an account in a bank, or take advantage of any scheme.

Some ground paper has to be made, that is, without Aadhar card, no work is possible. That’s why it is absolutely necessary to have Aadhar card with you. If your Aadhar card has been generated and your address or name or date of birth in it, if anything is wrong.

Aadhar card is being used for almost all purposes. Due to which it is acting as a very important document. In which it is very important for you to have correct information. If there is some error in your Aadhar card and you want to make correction in Aadhar card then you no longer need to queue at Aadhar card office.

Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number

You can easily make changes in Aadhar card through your mobile or laptop. For this, you have to complete the process of Aadhaar correction by visiting the official website of UIDAI, Through this post, I have tried to explain to you the complete information about this, how can I improve the Aadhar card?

What are the benefits of Aadhar card?

You get the benefit of Aadhar card everywhere. That’s why it is very important to make it. So let’s know what are the benefits of Aadhar card for you?

  • First of all, you need Aadhar card to fill any government job form.
  • If we apply for making any document like income proof, residence proof, pan card etc., then for that also we need aadhar card. Whereas earlier all these documents are made without Aadhar card. But now all these documents cannot be made without Aadhaar.
  • Without Aadhar card you cannot get mobile phone or sim.
  • Through Aadhar card, you can get government and non-government facilities etc. But this is not possible without Aadhar card.
  • You also need Aadhar card to make Voter ID card.
  • Your Aadhar card is generated by fingerprinting and scanning your eyes.
  • Apart from this, important work done in your life is also done through Aadhar card.

What information can be changed in Aadhar card?

What information you can change in your Aadhar card, we will know in this post. So for this read my post carefully and get information.

  • If your name is wrong in your Aadhar card then you can correct your name.
  • If your father’s name is wrong in your Aadhar card then you can correct your father’s name.
  • You can update your Aadhar Card Mobile Number.
  • You can also improve your address.
  • You can also change the photo in your Aadhar card.
  • You can also change your Date of Birth.
  • You can also change your gender (Female/Male)

What are the documents required for Aadhar card correction?

Friends, let us discuss which documents will be required to do Aadhaar correction –

  • Documents required to change name and photo
    • Pan Card
    • Voter ID
    • Passport
    • Ration card
    • Photo
    • Driving License
    • 10th / 12th mark sheet
    • Electricity bill of last three months
    • Government photo ID card
    • Photo Bank ATM Card
    • Disability Identity Card / Disability Medical Certificate issued by the respective State / UT Governments / Administrations
    • marriage certificate issued by the registrar etc.
  • Documents required for change of name and address
    • Passport
    • Ration card
    • Voter ID
    • Driving License
    • Insurance policy
    • disability identity card
    • electricity bill
    • water bill
    • pensioner photo card
    • freedom fighter photo card etc.
  • Documents Required for Date of Birth Correction
    • Birth certificate
    • SSLC Book / Certificate
    • Passport

how to change name address in aadhar card

If the name and address in your Aadhar card is wrong and you want to change it, then let us know how to change the name and address in your Aadhar card?

  • First of all you have to go to the website of
  • After this you have to click on My Aadhar.
  • Now you have to click on Update Aadhar.
  • After this you have to check your Aadhaar Status, then click on Check Aadhaar Status.
  • In this way you can change your Address, DOB, Photo.

How to Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number?

If you have lost your mobile number and want to change your other mobile number in Aadhaar card, you can update it in the database of UIDAI by visiting the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre. So friends, through this post of mine, I will tell you how to update Aadhar Card Mobile Number in Aadhar Card? For this you have to read my post carefully.

Aadhaar has been made mandatory by the government to avail various types of government services and to authenticate different types of documents. So to join any online facility, it is mandatory for you to link your mobile number with Aadhar card so that OTP will come on your mobile number.

How to Update Your Aadhar Card Mobile Number?

How can you update your mobile number? For this, you have to pay attention to the methods mentioned by me.

  • First of all visit your nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Center.
  • Fill Aadhaar Update/Correction Form
  • After that enter your mobile number in the form. The mobile number you want to enter.
  • After filling the form, submit the form to the Aadhar Executive Officer.
  • For this you will get 30 rupees. fee will have to be paid.
  • You will receive a receipt, in which your request number will be given.
  • After this your mobile number will be updated within 90 days.

So friends hope that you must have understood my article or my article that what is the benefit of Aadhar card?, What information can be changed in Aadhar card?, What documents will be required to change the information? How to update card mobile number? If you have understood, then do share it with your friends so that they can also know about it.

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