Train Driver Kaise Bane 2022 Loco Pilot Details

Today we are going to tell you about it here in Train Driver Kaise Bane 2022. There are many students in the country whose dream is to become a Loco Pilot i.e. to run the Indian Railways. But due to lack of information, they are not able to fulfill their dreams. They do not know what is the qualification to become a train driver. What is the syllabus of its exam. Many students think of applying to become a train driver only after 10th. But you cannot become a Loco Pilot by just passing 10th, for this you have to study a little more.

If you are unemployed educated youth, then you must have thought of becoming a train driver while traveling in the train. In such a situation, you would also like to know that here you do not have to be confused about Loco Pilot Kaise bane. Train driver and loco pilot are the same post in Indian Railways. In which you have to first run a goods train for training and then a passenger train after experience.

Train Driver Kaise Bane

It is mandatory to have some qualification for any job in India. Similarly, to become a train driver of Indian Railways, it is necessary to have at least 10th pass certificate and 2 years ITI diploma. If you are a graduate then becoming your Loco Pilot becomes even easier. By the way, it has been seen that most of the graduate people apply to become a driver in Indian Railways.

Every year in India lakhs of people apply for jobs in Indian Railways, but due to very few posts, only a few people get jobs. As far as the train driver is concerned, it is not easy to get a job in this too. For this also people have to work hard.

After checking the qualification for the job in Indian Railways, you are called for the exam. If you pass in all the written exam then you are done medical test in which it is very important to pass. In medical, special eye test is done in which it is found that there is no vision defect in your eyes. If you pass this test then you are called for training.

Eligibility to become a Train Driver

To become a Loco Pilot, you must have the following qualifications

  1. First of all you must be an Indian citizen. Only after this you can do job in Indian Railways.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old and not more than 30 years old.
  3. If you are a graduate then good thing. If not, then you should have at least 10th pass certificate from any government board and ITI or polytechnic diploma of 2 years.

If you have the above mentioned qualification then you can fill the form of Train Driver in Indian Railways.

What will come in the exam of Train Driver

Questions related to General Knowledge, General Science, Mathematics, Current Affairs and Reasoning etc. will be asked in the written examination conducted by Indian Railways. Well, it has been seen in most of the exams that most of the questions are related to general knowledge. In such a situation, you should practice general knowledge to pass this exam. There are many such books available in the market which tell which questions can be asked in railways.

There are a total of 120 questions in this exam, for which 90 minutes are allotted to solve. Let us tell you that the provision of negative marking is also applicable in this exam. This means that 1/4th marks are deducted for giving a wrong answer.

Psycho test will be done after passing the exam of Train Driver

After passing the first exam, you have a psycho test. There is also a written test in this test. By which an attempt is made to know how healthy you are mentally. In this you will be asked such mind-blowing questions. In such a situation, you can be a little confused in this test. This lets you know how quickly you can take the right decision. If you practice such questions beforehand, you can easily crack this test.

What happens in the medical test of a train driver

After passing in the first and second exam, you have a medical test. In this test, most of the attention is given to your eyes because it is necessary for a train driver to have his eyes well. In such a situation, there should not be any kind of vision defect in your eyes. Although, in this medical test of the railway, other parts of the body are also tested, but the main test that is done will be of the eyes only.

Scrutiny of Educational Qualification Document

When you pass the psycho test after passing the first and second exam, then after passing the psycho test your document is checked. Along with this, it is also known whether you have complete documents or not. In this, Aadhar card, educational qualification certificate, caste certificate, domicile certificate, signature and photo etc. are checked. In some exams, these documents are already taken. If your documents are found correct, then you are given training to become a train driver.

In this training, you are made aware of all the information about the train. In training, you become an Assistant Loco Pilot. When your training is completed, you are given the first to drive the goods train. When you become perfect in running a goods train, then you are given the job of running a passenger train.

What is the salary of Train Driver

In the beginning, you are made an Assistant Loco Pilot. In which you drive the train with the main train driver already present. The salary of Assistant Loco Pilot ranges from 5,200 to 20,000 thousand. Their salary increases to more than 30,000 by adding some additional income. As your experience increases, your salary also increases. As far as senior train drivers are concerned, their salary is more than 55 thousand. Apart from this, the salary is also different on different routes.

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