Tet Full Form In English– What is the full form of Tet in English

Tet Full Form In English You will need to know that nowadays almost everyone wants to get a government job and for this they give various types of exams. If you also want to get a government job and want to make a career in the field of teacher then you should know about  TET full form in English.

If you want to become a teacher then you have to clear TET exam. Today, through this article, we will give you complete information about TET full form in English. It will also tell you what is TET and how much qualification you should have to give TET exam.  

what is TET 

Before knowing TET full form in English, you need to know that what is TET after all? 

Let us tell you that TET is one such exam through which teachers are recruited. To improve the condition of education in every state and to make the education system good, TET exam is organized by the state government so that there can be supply of teachers. Let us tell you that this exam is conducted by the central government and state government all over the state of India. 

Tet Full Form In English

Those who pass in this exam get a chance to become a government teacher. TET exam is conducted by the professional examination board of every state. The candidates who pass this exam are given a chance to teach according to their marks. This exam is taken in two papers. The person who passes in the first paper gets a chance to teach in classes one to five and the one who passes both the papers well gets a chance to teach in classes 6 to 8. 

TET full form in English

Now this question must be arising in your mind that what is the full form of TET. So let us tell you that the full form of TET is Teacher Eligibility Test. 

We can say this in English as Teacher Eligibility Test. One who clears this exam becomes eligible to become a government teacher in India. On which level he will become a teacher, it depends on the marks obtained by him.

Some important information related to TET exam 

Let us tell you that the TET exam is conducted by the state government as well as the central government. Whether this exam is conducted by the state government or conducted by the central government. If a candidate passes this exam, then he gets a chance to become a government teacher. 

  • There are 2 papers in TET exam. 
  • The candidates who want to become a teacher from 1 to 5 have to pass the first paper and those who want to become a teacher from 6 to 8 have to pass in the second paper also. 
  • There is no negative marking in this exam. 
  • Equal time is given for both the papers i.e. for both the first paper and the second paper. The candidate is given two and a half hours to prepare both the papers. 
  • All the questions on the question paper are written in two languages, English and English. So that every child can understand. 
  • Once you pass the TET exam well, then the certificate you get after that certificate remains valid for 7 years. After 7 years you have to give TET exam again. 

Qualification for primary level teachers from TET 

Those who want to teach children from one to five by passing the TET exam, they must have the following qualifications. 

  • They should have more than 45% marks in class 12th. 
  • They should have Diploma degree from any recognized board. 
  • Must have 2 years Diploma in Elementary Education also. 
  • Candidate should have passed Graduation or B.Ed or should be in final year of Graduation or B.Ed. 

Eligibility for Upper Primary Level from TET

Let us now tell you what qualifications you must have to become a teacher at the upper primary level. 

  • You must have passed more than 50% in class 12th. Also, D.ED course also requires 50% plus marks. 
  • Candidate must have passed graduation from any recognized board and it is mandatory for the candidate to have 50% plus marks in graduation. In addition, he must also have a 2-year diploma course and must also have 50% marks in diploma. 
  • After passing 12th with more than 50%, he has to pass 4 years b.ed course or if he is in last year of b.ed then he can give TET exam. 

Some frequently asked questions and their answers related to tet full form

What is Tet called in English? Here are some frequently asked questions related to and their answers.

Q. What is the full form of TET ?

TET full form – Teachers Eligibility Test.

Q. Which job is available after passing the TET exam?

On passing the TET exam, one gets a job as a teacher in a government school.

Q. Within how many years does it take to get a job after passing the TET exam?

If you pass the TET exam, then its certificate remains valid for 7 years and after that if you apply for a teacher’s job then you have to apply this exam again.


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