Tesla Phone- Elon Musk Tesla Phone Model Pi

Tesla Phone: A very familiar one to everyone at the present time, who always makes high tech products, His name is Elon Musk. Elon Musk is coming to the market on a smartphone called Tesla Pie. Since this phone is initiated by Elon Musk himself, you can understand what the phone will look like. Now we are unknown information discussing Tesla Phone.

Tesla Phone

However, with a very wilful and determined CEO like With its touch screen design, it is the first high-quality camera on a phone. This industry started a smartphone craze that many other companies like Samsung would emulate.

Tesla Phone

With the launch of the app store in 2008, Apple changed the way software was built and distributed, and from that point on, the industry was never the same again. Just like Apple, Tesla is a company that alternates and produces cutting-edge tech. Tesla took the car manufacturing industry by surprise in 2003 and became the number one car producer on the planet in 2019.

After all so when Tesla makes a move, the world takes notice. And for years now, rumors have swirled about a Tesla smartphone that would challenge the legacy phone makers. So far, they’ve been only rumors but recently, a Tesla designer released images and specs for a concept, called the Tesla Pi, and has the world wondering if the Tesla phone is actually becoming a reality.

On its path to becoming a real contender in the smartphone company, the first step is to the idea handy because if you have ever had a phone, you’ve skilled, the displeasing condition of dropping the phone and harm the case and cover, cracking the screens, then dealing with the discomfiture of getting all that replaced. Now, imagine a phone almost as resilient to impact as a thin sheet of heavy metal. Another feature of the Tesla Model Pi is the “see in the darkness”.

The Tesla phone designers have advocated the technology that allows your phone to see in the dark. With four others cameras and a state-of-the-art lens as an AI, Tesla phone users would be capable to turn pitch black areas into lit zones perfect for capturing the greatest features.

Tesla Model Pie Specifications

Tesla is one of the largest companies in the world. Through which we can also see the specifications of the launch phone. Although this phone is still a long way from being launched, no specific information has been given about the specifications of this phone. However, there is still some relevant information about this phone, which we are going to tell you. According to the information received, this phone has been designed in a very great way.

Where you will see four cameras on the back of this phone. It will have a camera of up to 64 megapixels. This phone will also have a Super AMOLED screen. Due to this, we will not have any problem watching any kind of video or picture in the bright light around us. In addition to this, the latest processor will be used for smooth performance in this phone. And to charge the phone will need solar energy, which means the phone will be charged in the sun.

Tesla Model Pie Smartphone Price (Expected)

After knowing so much, finally, the question arises of how much this phone is going to cost. I told you earlier that this phone is still a long way off. That is why so far no specific information has been given about this phone.

According to the best features given in this phone, the price of this phone is going to be much higher. You can guess it for yourself. But let me tell you – if anyone knows how to buy this phone, they will have to spend 1200 USD. According to LifeWire, the expected price of a Tesla smartphone could be between $ 800 and $ 1200.

Tesla Model PI Smartphone – Power and Strength

Some people and websites are saying that the power and strength of this phone are going to be very good. This phone is designed to be very strong. Also very good and quality components are being used in this phone.

As a result, the speed, battery backup, overall body, quality, power of this phone will be much better. We tell you that on this phone we will be able to download any series or movie from 150MBPS to 200MBPS. Which is really amazing. At this speed, you will be able to download any movie in a few seconds.

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