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Sri Sukta text Sri Suktam PDF in English

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Shree Sukta Text Hindi | Sri Suktam Lyrics in English with Meaning

1- Om Hiranyavarnam Harini, Suvarnarajatastrajam.
Chandra Hiranmayi Laxmi, she came in Jatvedo.

Meaning: O Jatveda (omniscient) Agnidev! May you invoke for me a golden-coloured, a little green-coloured, wearing gold and silver necklaces, the moonlight happy, the golden goddess Lakshmidevi.

2- That Jatvedo, Lakshmimanpagaminim, come to me.
Yasya Hiranyam Vindayam, Gamasvam Purusanaham.

Meaning oh fire! Invoke for me that Lakshmi Devi, who is never destroyed and by whose arrival I will get gold, cow, horse and daughter etc.

3- Ashwapurvan Rathamdhyan, Hastinadpramodinim.
Shrim Devimup Hwaye, Shrirma Devi Jushtam.

Meaning: In front of whom she herself sits between the horse and the chariot. I invoke Sridevi, who is pleased to hear the Hastinaad. lakshmi devi get me

4- Kan Sosmitam Hiranyaprakaramdran Jvalanti Triptan Tarpayantim.
Padmesthitham padmavarnam tamihop hwaye shriyam..

Meaning: I invoke here Lakshmi Devi, who is Brahmarupa, who is soft-smiling, covered with gold, Dayardra, Tejomayi, Poornakama, Bhaktanugrahakarini, seated on the lotus seat and Padmavarna.

5- Chandra Prabhasan Yashasa Jvalanti Shree Loke Devjushtamudaram.
Tam padminimi sharanam pra padye alakshmireme nashyatam tva vrene.

Meaning: I am as bright as the moon, beautiful dytishalini, dazzling with fame, worshiped by the gods in heaven, generous, I take refuge in Padmahasta Lakshmidevi. May my poverty go away. I take you as a refuge.

6- Adityavarne goes to Tapasotradhi.
Tasya falani tapasa nudantu or antara yashch bahya alakshmi: ..

Meaning: as light as the sun! Due to your tenacity, the most auspicious Bilva tree was born among the trees. Its fruits by your grace remove our external and internal poverty.

7- Upaitu Maa Daivasakh :, with Kirtishcha Manina.

Meaning oh god! May Devasakha Kuber and his friend Manibhadra and Daksha-Prajapati’s daughter Kirti be attained to me, that is, may I attain wealth and fame. I am born in this nation (country), grant me fame and prosperity.

8- Abhutimasamriddhin cha, sarvan nirnud me grhat.

Meaning: I want the destruction of Lakshmi’s elder sister, Alakshmi (the presiding deity of poverty), who is tainted by hunger and thirst. O goddess! Remove all kinds of poverty and evil from my house.

9- Gandhdwaram Duradharsham, Nityapushtam Karishinam.
Ishwari sarvabhutanam, tamihop hwaye shriyam.

Meaning: Whose entrance is fragrant, who is virtuous (accessible with difficulty) and who is eternal, who resides in the midst of the cow, I invoke Lakshmidevi, the mistress of all beings.

10- Manasah Kammakutin, Vacha: Satyamashimahi.
Pashunam rupmannasya, mayi shrih shrayatam yasah.

Meaning: May the desire of the mind, resolution-siddhi and truthfulness of speech be attained by me. May Sridevi come to us in the form of cows, animals and various food items and in the form of fame.

11- Kardmen Praja Bhuta Mayi Sambhav Kardam.
Shriyam vasay me kule mataram padmamalinim.

Meaning: We are the children of Kardam, the son of Lakshmi. Kardam Rishi! You should be born here with us and establish Lakshmi Devi, who holds the garland of Padmas, in our family.

12- Aap: Srujantu snigdhani chiklit vas me grhe.
Nich Devi Matram Shriyan Vasay Me Kule.

Meaning: Create water aliphatic substances. Lakshmiputra Chiklit! You should also reside in my house and make Goddess Lakshmi reside in my family.

13- Ardran pushkarin pushtam pingala padmamalinim.
Chandra Hiranmayi Laxmi, she came in Jatvedo.

Meaning oh fire! Invite to me the golden goddess Lakshmidevi, who has a humid nature, Kamalhasta, Pushtirupa, Pitvarna, who wears the garland of Padmas, with bright radiance like the moon.

14- Ardranya karineem yashtim suvarnam hemamalinim.
Surya Hiranmayi Laxmi came in Jatvedo.

Meaning oh fire! Invoke Lakshmi Devi, who is of a gentle nature even though she is the protector of the wicked, who is auspicious, who provides support, is the goddess of beauty, has beautiful complexion, is golden rosary, Suryaswaroopa and Hiranyamayi.

15- Then I come to that Jatvedo Lakshmimanapagaminim.
Yasyan Hiranyam Prabhutam Gavo Dasyotraswan Vindeyan Purushanham.

Meaning oh fire! Invoke to me Lakshmi Devi, who will never perish, from whose arrival we may get lots of wealth, cows, maidens, horses and daughters.

16- yah shuchih prayato bhutva juhuyadajyamvaham.
Suktam panchadasarcham cha srikam: continuous japet.

Meaning: The one who has the desire for Lakshmi, should be pious and restrained, offer ghee in the fire every day and continuously recite the Srisukta containing these fifteen hymns.



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