The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Full Movie in Hindi Download 2022

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

got nothing for the intro so I thought I just got to shoot my webbing they don’t actually have you really sweeter bad web shooters the amazing spider-man do so in.

the amazing spider-man 2 Peter Parker has been spider-man for a while he’s really living it up and I really love Andrew Garfield as spider-man Tim is spider-man / Peter Parker is the quintessential spider-man for the big screen I’ll defend that til I die just in his attitude and persona you can tell

Andrew Garfield is not nineteen years old in this movie or watch it you’re like I feel like you’re like thirty dude but just in his attitude and his talk he’s very spider-man I love seeing

that so now Jamie Foxx becomes electro and in the trailers we were like we’re gonna get like three villains in this movie they’re technically are but there are not three villains in this movie
really we see it on the banner three villains I’m like um this movie’s gonna

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be crowded as and it kind of is but it’s not really because of the villains rhinos in it kind of not really he just dude he takes down in about two and a half minutes having Rhino on

the banners it’s kind of like having those dudes at the beginning of the original Tim Burton Batman you know the guys like a man Johnny gobs got ripped it took a walk off a roof awright no big loss having Rhino on the banners for the amazing spider-man 2 is like having those guys on the banner for Batman he just doesn’t

make sense so did yes slash that now we’re down to two villain electro via he’s the main villain the other one isn’t in it much so really it’s like one and a half villains in the movie electro was really cool Jamie Foxx was good as Elektra I love the way electro looks

these skins all see-through and blue and electrical I was looking animals like I feel like I can see through your skin that’s awesome I love things that just look unique and original and interesting and that was very cool speaking of things that look cool this movie looks really cool

spider-man’s doing his spider-man ish that is my favorite part of the movies when you’re watching he’s just doing the spider-man his stuff swinging around even when he’s free-falling he’s dropping from God knows how he got that high just suits rippling like he’s really doing a freefall but ultimately it is a movie about Peter Parker more

than spider-man and that didn’t necessarily bother me in this movie but there were moments where I was like this movie’s striking on when I first heard this movie’s gonna have three villains I was like it better be long enough and I found that this movie is two hours

twenty minutes long I was like okay it’s long enough for three villains I guess I still going to feel crowded but it’s long enough but there are not three villains that share equal time in the
movie it really is one sin role villain and that’s 2 hours and 20 minutes of that which could work but

this movie just didn’t work as well as I wanted it to work for that most of the movie revolves around Peter Parker Gwen Stacy’s will they won’t they are they are they not love thing that they have going on which is fine I imagine a Spider Man he’s gonna have a complicated
love life but I feel like that could

have been condensed like example at the end of the Amazing Spiderman it ends off he’s like Gwen I can’t date you and then it ends with him hinting that they could maybe in the beginning of this movie they’re dating again and then he breaks it off and then it’s just his
back-and-forth thing I feel like he could have had him break it off at the end of the Amazing Spiderman one and

then when he’s struggling with it halfway through this movie have him date her again and then have that be that this on-again off-again thing just really I was like do it or do not do it
love complication is fine in movies but it gets old fast there are a couple very touching moments

where you’re like okay I guess that’s why people date and it feeds into the overall thing I’m just saying it went on for too long he and Harry Osborn have their friendship it starts getting a bit complicated and there’s friction there and you’re like I see where this is going and then there’s a lecture he has

to deal with and then his love life he has to deal with and then that thing with his parents he has to deal with you know that thing works like ooh your parents have a secret that they cut most of it out of the amazing spider-man one but they touch on it in this movie and then they resolve it and ultimately I was like yo Errol his parents in the comic book do have a story arc to them

it’s not the same as they did in this movie but they do have a story but they resolve it in this movie and by the end you’re like okay so the whole thing with his parents was to learn one thing one thing that we already knew from the last movie

Oscorp bad all right so there are a couple other things that you learn also but all in all so Peter Parker can find resolution with his parents not being there I just don’t know why that had to be in the movie it’s just another storyline this movie has to have in it and that’s what makes it feel crowded it’s not the villains

I saw the he has to do we just focus the movie up by the end of this movie there is another villain I’m gonna give you I’m gonna use a comparison you don’t want to hear me use but I’m going to use it because it’s the best comparison there is and I swear to you venom in spider-man 3 had more screen

time than the villain at the end of this movie hat and the shoehorn him in here to set up for the sinister six thing that they want to do with the other movies I get that I’m just saying that
was the straw right there I was like alright this movie’s basically set up for the next movie I know it feels like

I’m really bitching about this movie but these are the things I need to address I will say this movie has really deep contrast what I mean by that is for every scene that I loved and I will use

the term loved either scenes that I loved in this movie I’m watching I love that that is great that’s emotional they’re killing it there’s another scene or thing or execution or concept that I hated I was like that’s sloppy that’s stupid why did they do it that way in the end the amazing
spider-man 2 is fun it’s a fun movie it

wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be I wanted this to be like movie idea I wanted this to be the quintessential spider-man experience Andrew Garfield’s greatest Peter Parker slash spider-man Gwen Stacy’s great they’re great together dane dehaan is great as Harry Osborn there is a part near the end of

this movie it is my favorite part of the movies I’m one of those things that makes the movie for me the movie was exciting it looked great all the cool spider-man ish things you’re gonna like the cool spider manage things I will say

the amazing spider-man 2 is a good time no alcohol required I’ll do a spoiler
Post where I touch more on the things I liked and did not like I can’t do that
yet but time in time this is the amazing spider-man 2 have you seen it what did
you think about it and did you like it more than

the amazing spider-man 1 or do you like one more than two whatever you think I meant below let me know and as always if you like what you’ve seen here and you want.

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