Top 5 SECRET Websites for Students | Really Useful for Students in 2022

5 SECRET Websites for Students: A happy new year to everyone and heartiest wishes to all of you and I hope that your new year goes really well but along with a new year board exams and semesters are also near, right? I know but don’t worry I care about this matter, in this Post for students I mean for you guys I’m going to talk about some useful websites by which you can solve math problems for free or you can collect the questions of previous years.

5 SECRET Websites for Students

Top 5 SECRET Websites for Students

there are more to it, you can even get free preparation of Government exams so i’ve got this solution too in this Pist so must Read til the end, you’ll have a lot of fun So hello friends I am Rakib Khanand you are Read, Website Let’s start this Post, give it a like, feels amazing So the first website is

and you can figure that it’s related to maths Yes man, you can solve any math problem with it and you can easily see step by step answer here and you can see here that with many numbers, many buttons are available to put squares and all

so you can type in your problem here and get the solution and not only this there’s more
with this website you can also find solutions of chemistry along with maths even you can get solutions of each problems of basic maths like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics
very easily and with the camera option here, you can click a photo of your problem,
upload it and get a solution

students you guys can try cause it’s very useful, isn’t it?

well if I talk about the next website then


the next website is going to be very helpful for students and the name of this website is GEEKSFORGEEKS and it has many interesting activities for students learning, sales and offers are also available and even they have planning for many exciting events specially for students
such as, choose your resolution, whether you want to become a DSA expert,

showcase your writing skills even if you want to excel in competitive programming or you want to prepare for your dream job then GEEKSFORGEEKS has the resources to help you out
not only that they are giving you opportunities to test your skills with the help of their events you can test your skills of DSA, C++,

Java, Python, SDE theory, software designing from here you can get premium GFG courses for free and an opportunity to win upto 100% discount offer just by spinning the wheel of fortune, all these events are going to happen in their Resolution days which is going to run from 7th to 9th January 2022 and during this events you will get many offers like flash sale,

stall of the day where you will get good discounts in many good courses and all of these will run from 7th to 9th January so in these three days of events, get the best out of the offers.
So go and check out.

alright let’s move to the next website which is called guys this is actually a very useful website for students because when we pass out from a class to another then we get trouble to find the question papers, sometimes with the seniors,

I mean or the students who are preparing for board exams don’t have the previous year questions then this website is only for you, you just have to open the website
when you open,

put the name of your University on the search bar here then boom, now you can see every question paper of your University is showing here you can see them, read them, and yes by question papers, I mean previous year ones you won’t get this YEAR, so you guys must go and check out, it will reduce your problems and you can give me a thank you in the comments.

next up is and why didn’t I know about this website before, that I don’t know but if I had found it then it would have saved a lot of time in my studies because sometimes we have an answer of a question that’s

too big but we read it so that we get to know it’s main concept but we had to read all the content in it

So isn’t it a problematic thing?

But this resoomer website here can make any big answer compact and small It creates the substance of a story and it contains all the main points too the main thing is that it makes any big article, small and summarizes it for you here you can see that how photosynthesis works, I had put it’s paragraph,

an explanation of it in here and right as I tapped on Resoomer, then BOOM, you can see it directly gets compact and it’s showing me what it is, so now you have an idea how helpful
it will be for you like it will make learning easier for you It’s 2022 now, hardwork generation is gone,

you gotta smartwork Save time and gain all the other skills and now let’s go to our fifth very useful website for students, which is called not whiteboard, it’s Witeboard you can call this a future of group study or the future of teaching because this is a virtual whiteboard where you can group study with friends how? Like this,

whenever you open this website you will see such an interface here you can draw anything you like to and when you tap on this share button then a link will be automatically copied in your device then send this link to that friend with whom you want to do group study after sending when your friend taps on the link,

a whiteboard will open in his screen which is the exact replica of your whiteboard
then whatever you draw, it will also display to your friend live even if your friend draws anything, it will show you live I actually liked this concept very much,

even it’s very useful for teachers, people who are in the teaching line those guys can also use it, like you can talk in a call and make them understand and teach here easily So if you did not know about it earlier then you car share this Post these are quite useful websites, takes a lot of effort to find them So many thanks for Read this Post til now there is a good news for you.

there are two more bonus websites for you from which the first one is this website is basically for those people who have recently completed their studies or is going to be complete and wants to take preparation for Government jobs So this website is only for you because you can prepare for any Govt exam for free in it as you can see that the website interface is like this so when I scrolled here you can see it has many genres available,

if you want banking, civil, defense, you can take preparation here and you can join live classes here for free and many tutorials are available I liked it a lot because you will get a lot of guidance here for absolutely free and the rest I don’t have to say, you will go and check out as it’s very useful, and

the last bonus website is this is an all in one solution for document or pdf file
with this you can edit pdf files, split, convert pdf to document or ppt format or excel or any format If you want, you can unlock pdf,

put watermarks as well here you can get everything related to pdf, this is a very useful website so definitely check this out like you gotta convert it to pdf and send during exams and it causes some trouble so these were the five amazing websites specially for students and two extra bonus websites with that So tell me how was,

the Post in the comments and you guys showed a lot of love in the last website series Post, it felt really good and let’s see how much love you guys show in this Post. So students, ITS VERY EASYYY and share this Post with your friends or with your brothers and sisters share.

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