Rajasthan General Knowledge | Rajasthan GK (Rajasthan General Knowledge)

Information related to Rajasthan General Knowledge ( Rajasthan GK ) is available here. Rajasthan GK (Rajasthan GK) connected to question the various governmental and non-governmental examinations in the state of Rajasthan trivia (Rajasthan General Knowledge) in English language has been here, which is preparing for the competitive exams is extremely important.

The word Rajasthan means ” place of kings”  because it was a land protected from Rajput kings, due to which it was called Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the largest state among all the states of India. The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur. Rajasthan is located in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent. The total area of Rajasthan is 342239 square kilometer. It is 10.41 percent of the total area of ​​India. Rajasthan is a state known for its varied cuisine and colorful practices. People here often talk to each other in English., speak Marwari, or Mewari language. There are 33 districts in Rajasthan. This state was established on 1 November 1956. The first Chief Minister here was Hira Lal Shastri. The first governor here was Gurmukh Nihal Singh. The highest mountain in Rajasthan is the Guru Shikhar mountain of Mount Abu.

Some important questions related to Rajasthan General Knowledge. Rajasthan GK Questions with Answers

1. Which is the state tree of Rajasthan?
Answer – Khejri

2. Which is the state bird of Rajasthan?
Answer – Godavan

3. Which is the state animal of Rajasthan?
Answer – Chinkara

4. Which is the state sport of Rajasthan?
Answer – Basketball

5. Which is the Kalpavriksha of the desert?
Answer – Khejri

6. Which is the most commonly found animal in Rajasthan?
Answer – Goats

7. Which is the district with the highest animal density in Rajasthan?
Answer – Dungarpur

8. Which is the district of Rajasthan with minimum animal density?
Answer – Jaisalmer

9. Where are the maximum number of chickens found in Rajasthan?
Answer – Ajmer

10. Where is the minimum number of chickens found in Rajasthan?
Answer – Barmer

11. Who is known as Kamdhenu of Rajasthan?
Answer – Rathi cow

12. Who is known as Merino of India?
Answer – Chokla Sheep

13. Which is the highest milk producing district in Rajasthan?
Answer – Jaipur

14. Which is the district with minimum milk production in Rajasthan?
Answer – Banswara

15. Which is the highest wool producing district in Rajasthan?
Answer – Jodhpur

16. Which is the minimum wool production district in Rajasthan?
Answer – Jhalawar

17. Where is the largest wool market in Asia located?
Answer – Bikaner

18. Where is the only milk science technical college of Rajasthan located?
Answer – Udaipur

19. Where is the state’s only bird hospital located?
Answer – Jaipur

20. Which is the crop sown in the maximum area of ​​Rajasthan?
Answer – Millet

21. Which is the most barren and waste land district of Rajasthan?
Answer – Jaisalmer

22. Through which medium is maximum irrigation done in Rajasthan?
Answer – From wells and tube wells

23. Which district is the most irrigated by wells and tube wells?
Answer – Jaipur

24. Which is the most irrigated district through canals?
Answer – Ganga Nagar

25. Which is the district with maximum irrigation from ponds?
Answer – Bhilwara

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