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Pubg Report: Hello point takers it’s 60 points again with a brand new Post my name is Jeffrey version 2.0

Pubg Report

The new voice of this website giving you solutions to issues you have with pubg mobile if you are interested in that make sure to Share My Post some of

my subscribers have been banned during a match for violation of user agreement and I reckon it’s time we have control over that getting banned for what we don’t know about is annoying and frustrating

Pubg Report

that is why I’ve made a series of Post to help you understand the violation of user agreements and how to avoid the pubg mobile ban check my channel for more Post about violations of user

the agreement, in the end, the user license agreement pubg mentions that they reserve the right to monitor your interaction with the game software this means when you chat text and use the voice

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communications in pubg mobile they are watching you and other players while you use the software from your interactions with the game other players and the game systems, pubg can monitor and detect

if anyone is cheating using third-party apps or violating regulations of the game I have various ways and more to help you prevent a pubg ban on your account give this Post a like if

Pubg Report

you want more tips to avoid a pubg ban on your account in my upcoming Post for this Post we are going to talk about how to prevent a ban by not teaming up with random players more than once

basically, anything that has to do with teaming up with players should be avoided you can say I’m wrong but it’s the truth if you join a team by invite and you don’t know any of

is pubg cross platform

the players in the team don’t team up again when you team up and you discover they play very well find out if they are cheating in any way and also report them if they are actually cheating

why because pubg mobile has the rule to report players cheating so that you don’t get banned with them when pubg detects them cheating in the game pmt will ban anyone teaming up with them

how to report a player it’s very easy to report a player and you can find the report button on every page on pubg mobile but I will show you how to report a player cheating

Pubg Report

in the sheer park, you tap on the player and tap report select what you think they are cheating with write a sentence of 8 to 10 words and send it to pubg mobile in tdm after you finish a match

you will maybe notice this report icon at the bottom left corner all you need to do is click report and select who you suspect is cheating you can also select from the list here and then

send a report to pubg mobile don’t overuse this button please if it’s not necessary for classic mode, you can report only the players you interact with during the game

the opponents who shot at you have killed you during the match will be on the list your teammates are automatically added to the list you follow the same process of reporting to find the

report icon select who you want to report and send remember it’s better safe than sorry like this Post for more about how to avoid pubg mobile ban thanks for watching see you next time 60 points

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