Police Ranks India In English: Meaning of star on police uniform, information about ranks of police

Police Ranks India In English: How to recognize police uniform and its rank from the star ? As you all know that the uniform of the police is the same for everyone whether someone is in a high position or is working as a constable. But you must have seen that the uniform is similar but different from the star on the uniform of the police or there is no star or any symbol in any uniform, let us tell you that this will give the rank of the police. Or the position is easily detected. Many youths are preparing for the police force in today’s time, for which rank or post you are preparing, you should know that according to the post, the police force is deployed in different categories, departments. Is. Have you ever noticed that there is a star or Ashoka’s sword on the uniform of a policeman, but the uniform of some policemen is similar, there are no stars in it. Today we will tell you through our article that how you can easily identify the rank and position of the police from their star only .

Police Ranks India In English

It is very important for those candidates who are preparing for the police force, young men and women, it is very important to have this information. Because such questions are also asked in the exam. There is a difference of different batches and ranks in the police from small posts to big posts, you need to know it. You can find out which police rank is in which post by looking at the badge attached. Those posted in small posts are subordinate to an officer superior to them, who is responsible for accountability for each and every work of their superior officer. Today, through our article, we are going to give you information about Police Rank and Badges (Identify The Police Rank By His Badges) which will help in increasing your knowledge. Candidates stay tuned with the article till the end for detailed information.

Ranks of Indian Police

ArticleRanks of Police
high rankDIB
shortest termpolice constable
total posts16
Official websitepolice.gov.in

Indian Police Ranks and Badges in English

Meaning of star on police uniform

The star on the police uniform means their rank, they are assigned or awarded stars according to the post they are serving. The star on the uniform refers to their rank. Badges are also different for each post, on which different colored stripes are also attached. There are different symbols on the uniform according to each post. The stars on police uniforms work under each other according to their rank. In which you have to answer to the officer posted on the post above you. Different departments are also made in the police force, in which each one is deployed for different work i.e. work is given according to the department.

Information about Ranks of Police

The police force which is always ready for the safety of the people, which provides security to us by being posted in different departments. According to the work of each in the Police Protection Force, the policemen are identified, who have badges marked on the uniform for the work of their respective posts. According to their badge, you can easily guess which officer is in which position. Here we are giving you information about the rank and badges of the police from small to big posts, let’s know in detail –

  • Police Constable (POLICE CONSTABLE) –The post of Police Constable is the smallest in the police post. In this, the constable is given a simple uniform (uniform) in which there is not a single badge or star. This is the lowest rank post of the police force.
  • Senior Police Constable (SENIOR POLICE CONSTABLE) – This post is above Police Constable Senior Police Constable. In place of their badges, there is a black stripe on top of which there is also a yellow stripe, but in some states, there are red stripes on the badge.
  • Head Constable (HEAD CONSTABLE ) – The largest post in constable is that of Head Constable. In which there are 2 yellow stripes on the black stripe on their uniform. In a state, there are three black bands on a wide red stripe.
  • Assistant Sub Inspector (ASSISTANT SUB INSPECTOR ) – Assistant Sub Inspector is also called ASI. The rank of ASI comes after the head constable. Their uniform also bears a star with a red and blue stripe. As shown in the figure.
  • Sub Inspector – After ASI comes the rank of Sub Inspector. Which we also call SI. There is a red and blue stripe on their uniform in which 2 stars are attached.
  • INSPECTOR – This is followed by the Inspector who is in charge of the police station. The entire police station is under the control of the Inspector. Which is the highest post in the police station. Their uniform has a red and blue stripe on which three stars are attached.
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police (DEPUTY SUPRINDENTENT OF POLICE ) – He is also known as DSP. After Inspector comes the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police. There is a red and khaki colored badge on their uniform, on which there is no strip, there are three stars on the badge.
  • ADDITIONAL SUPRINDENTENT OF POLICE – Above the DSP comes the rank of Additional Superintendent of Police who is also called as Additional Deputy Commissioner. Only Ashoka’s pillar is on the uniform of ASP.
  • SUPRINDENTENT OF POLICE – The superintendent of police ranks above the ASP. Who is also known as DCP, SP. Ashoka’s pillar and another star are installed on his uniform.
  • Senior Superintendent of Police (SENIOR SUPRINDENTENT OF POLICE ) – Higher rank than SP, Senior Superintendent of Police , he is also known as Senior Superintendent of Police. They are posted in big cities, the whole district comes under them. An Ashoka pillar and 2 stars are attached to his uniform. It is also called DCP in some places.
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police (DEPUTY INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE) – DIG is a higher post than SSP. He is also called Deputy Inspector General of Police. And also called as Additional Commissioner of Police. IPS is written on his badge and three stars also remain with Ashoka’s pillar.
  • Inspector General of Police (INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE) – Inspector General of Police IGP is a higher post than DIG . Also known as the Inspector General of Police . There is a sword and star on his uniform. And IPS is written in the badge.
  • ADDITIONAL DIRECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE ADDITIONAL DIRECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE The post of ADGP is higher than the DIG. They are IPS officers and their uniform is written IPS with Ashok’s pillar and sword.
  • DIRECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE DIRECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE – DGP is also called Commissioner of Police. Ashoka’s column on his uniform and IPS is written with a sword.
  • DIRECTOR OF INTELLIJEANS BUREAU – DIB is the director of the Intelligence Agency Who has the highest rank and on their uniform there is an Ashoka pillar, a sword, and a star.

what are the ranks in ips

How does the police uniform show about their power and position?

You can see from the star on their batch, to which post they are appointed.

What does the star mean on a police uniform?

The star on the police uniform means in which position they are working. it indicates.

Which police station is the smallest post in the Indian Police Force? And how many stars are there in their uniform?

A police constable is posted on the smallest post in the Indian Police Force. There is not a single star or strip on their uniform.

Who is commissioned at the eldest in the Indian Police Force? And how many stars are put in their batch?

The highest rank in the Indian Police Force is the DIB who acts as the Director of Khubiya Agency.

Is it necessary to have a name plate on a police uniform?

Yes, it is necessary to have a name plate on the police uniform.

According to which stars are put on the uniform of the police?

Stars are put on the uniform of the police according to their rank.

What do you understand by rank of police?

Their batches are determined according to the rank of the police.

Which portal has been launched for all types of necessary information related to Indian Police Department?

The police.gov.in portal has been launched for the Indian Police Department. In this portal, information about all the work done by the Indian Police is made available in the portal.

What is the full name of IPS?

The full name of IPS is Indian Police Service.

How many stars are there for the post of Sub Inspector?

There are 2 stars in the uniform of a police service man posted in the post of sub-inspector.

Which is the biggest post in police?

DGP is the highest post in the police department. The full form of DGP is Director General of Police.

Who are the DGPs and how many stars/stars are there in their badge?

The uniform of the DGP consists of 3 stars or stars. DGPs are the highest ranking police officers in Indian states and union territories. He is the head of the police force. All these are IPS (Indian Police Service) officers.

How to become DGP?

For this you have to first complete your graduation from a recognized university. After this you have to clear UPSC exam with good marks. Only after that you can become a DGP.

So as with the help of this article, we have shared you all the information related to police rank . If you have any query related to this or you need any information related to this, then you can message us by going to the comment section below. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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