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Paymanager Rajasthan salary slip  : – Various online portals have been made by the Government of Rajasthan for different works of all the departments of the state. Just as the Shala Darpan portal has been created to keep all the information related to the education department , similarly the paymanager portal has been created to keep a complete account of the salary of government employees and to pay the salary.

This portal has been prepared by the Government of Rajasthan by National Informatics Center (nic) rajasthan . Information related to HR related information such as salary, deductions, income tax, pension and leave details etc. can be easily seen by the pay manager for the employees working in different areas of Rajasthan. It is monitored by the Finance Department of the Government of Rajasthan.

Apart from the salary, you can also get information about the allowances of the employees through the Paymanager portal prepared by the Government of Rajasthan, you can also apply for it here. What are its other benefits? Through this how you can see the salary slip. We will talk about all these in detail in this article. Please read the full article.

paymanager rajasthan portal overview 2022

Portal NamePay Manager Salary Slip
Belongs to which state?Rajasthan
concerned departmentfinance department
who startedby state government
Purpose of PortalTo provide online salary related services of Government employees of Rajasthan.
beneficiarystate government employees
The year2022

Rajasthan pri paymanager – 2022

Just as the salary details of the employees working under the Government of Rajasthan are available on the PayManager portal. Similarly, the pri manager is related to the panchayat area of ​​the state. pri manager is also a part of paymanager itself. The details of salary and other allowances etc. of the employees related to Panchayati Raj Department are given on the pri manager portal. This portal is a part of paymanager portal run by the Government of Rajasthan.

paymanager Rajasthan salary 2022

The paymanager portal has been started by the Rajasthan government mainly for the salary details of the employees. From the portal, you can extract salary slips, see details of deductions from monthly salary. You can also apply for your leave. You can also see the complete details of the holiday. It often happens with government employees that their salary comes, but they are not able to get the salary sheet on time. Due to which it is not always clear to them that how much money they got from their salary in the pension fund, how much tax was deducted etc.

Objectives of Pay manager Rajasthan Portal

The purpose behind starting the Rajasthan government’s pay manager portal is to provide quick facilities to the employees and to make salary slips and other salary related documents paperless. After the creation of the portal, unnecessary paper expenses will come down significantly. Apart from this, government employees have to make available their salary information sitting at home.

Benefits of Paymanager portal

  • Through the Paymanager portal, government employees across the state can view and print their salary slips from anywhere.
  • Employees will have to first register on the paymanager portal. The process of registration is given below step by step.
  • Employees can easily view and download their pension, tax deduction, daily allowance and leave application through this portal in a few minutes.
  • Hod registration, and bank registration can also be done easily on this portal.

How to login online on Pay Manager.

You have to first login for online services on Pay Manager. For this you have to register first. The process of registration is given step by step. You can easily register by following all the steps-

  • For online login, you must first go to the official website of paymaster. You will get the login option on the official website.
  • If you have a User ID and Password, please enter your details in the space provided above.
  • After entering the details fill the captcha code. If you have entered the captcha code, then hit the submit button.
  • Now you have successfully login.

Paymanager bank registration

If you work under the Government of Rajasthan. That is, if you are a government employee of Rajasthan, then the details of your salary will be available only on the manager. For this you need to have bank registration. We have given below steps how to get bank registration done.

  • Click on the official website link given above.
  • When you come to the main page of the official website, click on the option of Bank Registration.
  • A new page will come here, fill all the information asked.
  • After filling all the requested information, click on Verify Contact.
  • Now you will have to verify the OTP sent on the registered number (a number will come on the mobile number, it has to be entered here).
  • In this way your registration process on paymanager will be completed.

How to download Paymanager rajasthan salary slip pdf

You have to follow only few steps to download salary slip from Paymanager Rajasthan Portal.

  • For this, you will login to the main page of the official website with your user ID.
  • After login you will click on Employee Corner.
  • After clicking on employee corenr, go to employee report and click on pay slip.
  • Fill the details asked here like Month, Year, Financial Year etc. Press the submit button.
  • In this way your salary sheet will be downloaded.

How to Check GA 55 Employee Details?

How to check GA 55 Employee details on Rajasthan Manager Portal? We are going to tell about it step by step. You can easily see it by following this?

Step 1 – Friends, to know any information on any portal, we first have to go to the official website of that portal. So you will also go to the official website of the manager. After coming to the main page, you have to login option.

Step 2 – After selecting the login option, enter your user ID and password and fill the captcha and submit. (CAPTCHA CODE- A few digits are given below the user ID. Which has to be written in the blank box given below it.) Now you will go to the next page.

Step 3 – After login to the portal, you will see some options on the left side of the dashboard. There you have to click on the option of employee report. On clicking, drop down options will appear.

Step 4 – From the options that appear, you have to select the GA 55 Employee Details option. After clicking on the option, you have to write the name of the employee. Apart from the name, you have to choose which year details you want. After clicking you will see the name on the screen.

Step 5 – After clicking on the name, you have to select the estimated and non-estimated option. Now you have to select which file you want like excel, word or pdf etc. Select one and click. In this way the file will be downloaded. In this way you can view and download your ga 55 employee details just by following some easy steps.

How to reset password of Pay Manager Portal?

Have you forgotten your Pay Manager Portal Password? If you are worried about forgetting the password, then you do not need to worry. You can reset your password easily. You can reset it only by doing a few steps.

  •  To reset the password, you have to visit the  official website of Pay Manager once again   . On that you have to come to the login option. Next to the login option, click on the forget password (employee) option. You will come to the new screen.
  • The reset password request form will open in front of you. Enter Employee ID, Bank Account Number, Date of Birth and Mobile Number in it.
  • After entering all the requested details click on verify contact no. A password (otp) will be sent to your mobile number. Which you have to put in the box here. In this way your mobile number will be verified.
  • After that press the submit button given below. After pressing the submit button you will be redirected to a new page. Here you will be asked for a new password.
  • You create your own new password, you will have to type the new password twice. Finally press the confirm button. congratulation Your password has been successfully reset.

PayManager Mobile Application (PayManager Employee Details)

The Finance Department of the Government of Rajasthan has launched its official PayManager Employee Details Application to provide quick information (Personnel Details) to the employees of the state. This application is available on Google Play Store. You can easily access your GA-55 details, drink slip SI and GPF deduction and personal details by downloading it on your mobile.

You can download the Manager mobile application by following the following process.

Step 1 – First of all, open Google Playstore on your Android mobile phone.

Step 2 – In the search box of Play Store, type paymanager. Now you will see the result somewhere at the bottom. Here you have to identify PayManager Employee Details, the official application launched by the Finance Department of the Government of Rajasthan.

Step 3 – After identifying the official website, click on it. After clicking, press the Install button. Now it will be installed on your mobile.

Step 4 – Now the manager app is installed on your mobile. You open it now.

Step 5 – Enter your User ID and Password in the mobile application.

In this way you will now be able to access GA-55 details, drink slip SI and GPF deduction and personal details etc.

The manager is related to the Government of Rajasthan. It is a portal related to the salary of government employees by the government. Through this, employees can see their HR related details.

Can common citizens of the state also adopt on the manager?

No. Paymanager Portal Only employees working under the state government can get registered in it.

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