OTT Platforms Advantages And Disadvantages In English 2022

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OTT Platforms Advantages

Friends, have you also searched about What Is Disadvantages Of OTT Platforms , What Is Advantages Of OTT Platforms, Benefits Of OTT Platforms and OTT Platforms Ke Nuksaan etc and you are disappointed, in such a situation you have come to the right place , Let us know the basic things about OTT Advantages And Disadvantages In English, Advantages Of OTT Platforms In India, Censorship On OTT Platforms Pros And Cons and  OTT Platforms Ke Fayde etc.

Friends, maybe today there is such a person who does not know about OTT platforms because in the last few years OTT Platforms has made a splash. There are many reasons behind the immense success of OTT platforms which we have discussed in this article . Stay tuned till the end of the article , you will get complete information related to OTT Platforms , let’s start.

OTT Platforms Advantages

OTT Platform Advantages And Disadvantages In English 2022

OTT Platforms Kya Hai (What Is OTT Platforms In English)

Ever since the complete lock down was imposed in the country due to the Corona epidemic, people were banned from going to theaters, in such a situation, people were left with the option of watching movies while staying at their home and OTT Platforms such as Amazon Prime , Sony Liv , Hotstar and Mx Player etc. published the content on their platforms , which people enjoyed sitting at home. Although some OTT platforms are available for free, while some have to take a subscription plan .

Advantages Of OTT Platforms In English

There are many advantages of OTT Platform and due to which the number of their Subscriber is also increasing very fast today. We are sharing some major benefits with you today .

1. 24 * 7 Available Content

On the OTT platform , we get the facility to view the content at any time. If we had to watch a movie till a few years ago, then we could watch it on our television or cinema hall, but today we can easily watch the same movie on our mobile or smart TV on OTT platform sitting at home as per our convenience. .

2. Watch Content Without Advertisement

You get to see content without advertisement on OTT Platforms . However, for this, you have to take their Paid Subscription Plan . Users get a good experience by watching the content without advertisement and users are able to watch  any video content in a limited time.

You must have experienced that if you watch any content on TV , then you get to see more advertisement than the content, due to which a lot of your time is wasted like this.

3. No Limitation For Watching Content

On OTT Platforms you can watch any content as many times as you want. It does not happen that any content after watching once is not available to watch again.

4. Compatible For Every Device

You can watch OTT content on any device like Mobile, Laptop, Smart TV etc.

5. World Wide Availability Of Content

You can watch content on OTT Platforms sitting at any corner of the world.

6. Download And Watch Facility

You get the facility to download the content on the OTT platform and watch it at any time according to your convenience and in places where the speed of the Internet is not good , you can enjoy the content of the OTT platform even in those places, such as if you are in Hawaii. If you are traveling by ship, then the OTT content of your mobile can be very useful for you.

7. Various Type Of Content

Whatever field you like like Movie, TV Show, News Sports, Kids Content, Web Series etc. , today OTT Platforms are providing content in all areas .

8. Free Trial Subscription

Most of the OTT platforms in India offer free trial subscription to their subscribers .

9. OTT Platform Technology

OTT Platform works on CDN Technology. A huge advantage of CDN is that if there is a problem on any one server location of the OTT platform , only the users of that area will be affected and not the whole world. Also, OTT Platform puts its servers in many places in the world, due to which their content reaches the user quickly without buffering .

Disadvantage Of OTT Platforms In English

Although there is no big loss till the OTT platform , yet if we talk about some disadvantages, then the following things come to the fore.

1. High Cost Of Subscription

The subscription plan of  some OTT Platforms is quite expensive which is a big problem for a common person .

2. Dependency On the Internet

OTT Platforms works on the Internet, so we need High Speed ​​Internet , which means that you may have to spend extra money on Broadband Connection .

3. Various OTT Platforms Have Various Content

A big problem people face with OTT Platform is that there is different content on different OTT Platforms , due to which many times people have to subscribe to the new OTT Platform again to see their favorite content. Due to which the load on their pocket increases .

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