OPPO Reno 7 5G – Most Beautiful Smartphone of 2022

This is Oppo Reno 7 5G And today we have to see how cool this phone is Because The Oppo 6 was one of the most beautiful and premium looking phones Boxy design and rainbow color
Let’s see how Reno 7 is and this time the color of the box has slightly changed Let’s get inside
paper works Sim ejector tool And there is the phone Here,

OPPO Reno 7 5G

in-display fingerprint sensor Will come to phone later Wow Fantastic Exact new feeling when it comes from the factory In the box, you get a bluish type case What else USB A based Type C charging cable And here you get 65W super-fast charging Not the Xiaomi 11i hypercharge
wow I am feeling like I have gone 6 years back in the smartphone let me tell you how See, obviously,

OPPO Reno 7 5G

there will be glass But there are thousands of lines in glass finishing Have you remembered HTC mobile?

Used to come in brust metal Brust aluminum type And Brust stainless steel The same finishing is given on the glass back panel But it is slightly different It is looking more premium
And here colors are changing That was the specialty of Reno 6 and the same thing here
Plus some different colors Frame is of metal Slightly cool and obviously matching Black is exactly the same as Reno 6

Black will be exactly the same Again here green accent power button not sure what the reason for giving this small green And volume buttons on the right side Actually, it is on the left side the power button is on the right side On the top, noise cancellation mic
On the bottom…

Wow Speaker design has been slightly changed Generally, you get square shape speaker grill
Like on the premium galaxy Dual 5G sim card And different work is done on the camera as well It is also of metal but a slightly different feeling The bottom is flat blue And the phone is very lightweight And its signature feature is…

If you have used iPhone 13 It stands like this The phone’s weight is not much approximately 185 gram Very lightweight and compact And the case is properly fixed there is no cutout for buttons Good design otherwise, button colors start coming out Reno branding Not the Reno 7

It’s like Reno 6 case has been used here Let’s turn on the phone Let see Latest version of Color OS which is used in Oneplus 9rt and finally, the phone has turned on I have installed some appilcations as well Necessary application for the social stuff First let see use it casually and see how is it Go to Settings

and About phone section Device Oppo Reno 7 5G Color OS version 12 8GB ram and can virtue it up to 5 But have to restart the phone

let’s test the phone Lets go to outdoor and take some camera samples and will use it for some time Then I’ll tell you about the pros and cons of this phone With Rear Camera, you can shoot video up to 4K 30FPS And during the video you can’t switch to Ultra Wide As I am filming on regular mode but yes you can zoom here Even though there is not telephoto But with software you can zoom 10 X

And lets talk about the dynamic range Now as you can see the road It has blown out too much I can properly see the divider, and road Looks like the bike has disappeared so clearly the dynamic range is not much better Let’s try that way So clearly where the brightness is more

There is slightly over exposure Now, this is its ultra wide If you film using the ultra wide then obviously you won’t get any zoom You know it requires slightly better ultra wide Maybe 16 or higher Mexapixels But in ultra wide the dynamic range is better You can see the road divider are properly visible Here also movie mode option is given Nowadays,

It’s present in many phones Can shoot video is slight wide aspect ratio Now I have switched ultra wide So you can see the change Video stabilization mode was on I have turned it off
Video will be shaky And this is your front camera sample Again Megapixels are high Clearly okay for photos I think it is not much better for videos

Dynamic range is not that better like I came inside so you can see over exposure on this side
Even though the beautification is by default turn on I have put it on natural mode so I don’t know what’ the issue with Oppo and Vivo Try to brighten the face without reason Just 1080P
What shame is that you can shoot 2K video on Infinix Note 11 whose price is 12000

But same problem in this 30,000 Rs phone It is not video centric phone You can see a phone is video centric that have OIS So I think that is a mendatory condition But let’s talk about the photographs quality See the overall setup is not impressive Like you get Moto Edge 20 on the same price

How verstile camera setup that phone have Can’t get better than that Here a dead budget lens is given 2 MP macro is completely waste Ultra-wide camera is 8MP I think it should be 16MP You could take better macro from that But I think the main camera sensor is performing very better

This sensor is less over saturated and close to natural shot So the color in most of the photographs is very good Got the same color which I can see so clearly the shots are good
whether you use in outdoor or indoor the dynamic range is very impressive Photographs are very better

Videos were not that good Very good photographs And the shots are very good even in the low light Nowadays the weather is slightly foggy In winters So all the night shots I took were impressive When you use the night mode obviously the brightness gets increased Slight noise enhanced

But I think that’s not a problem Overall the photographs are okay About the zooming capability There is not telephoto lens So this zoom is just through the software But yes you can go maximum up to 20X Not sure why it is given Generally,

the phone without telephoto lens can go a maximum to 10X Even then the phone has 20X zoom About the selife Selife is good By default the beautification remains ON As because there is crazy MP So obviously the selife is good

What about the display?

Is there any change here?

Is there something exciting or not It is exactly the same display which you had seen in Oppo Reno 6 See, there are 2 things First…

those for whom this thing is not important like refresh rate and all the cool stuff which should be a matter That’s okay for those people You can consider it a average display But if we see the competition so definitely you can get 144HZ at this price

you can get the peak brightness up to 1000 or 1300 nites So I find some differeniate in these points Plus its display is not much bright As I said it have a average display Can view it even in sunlight lt’s not a bad display you will easily view You don’t need to go for full brightness or shadow You can easily view the content.

Oppo Reno 7 5G 12GB RAM – India

Oppo Reno 7 5G 256GB ROM Expected Price Start is Rs. 34,364 to Rs. 41,754, Oppo Reno 7 5G 256GB ROM comes with Android 11 Os, 6.43 inches AMOLED Display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G Chipset, Triple Rear and 32MP Selfie Camera, 12GB RAM and 256GB ROM.

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