OnePlus Buds Z2 Review – BEST TWS Earbuds 2022 And How To Use It?

The OnePlus Buds Z2 is the successor of the OnePlus Buds Z. So starting with the unboxing experience. This device has a 40db ANC mode, 3 -mics, 11mm driver, 38 hours of battery backup, iP55 waterproof and you get Bluetooth 5.2. Now let’s discuss the content. we have the charging case itself. And inside it, we have the earbuds. The build quality of the case is good and the glossy finish is premium.

OnePlus Buds Z2

OnePlus Buds Z2

Here we have the type c charging cable with two pairs of extra ear tips of large and small sizes. OnePlus Buds Z2 is the second version in the Buds Z series. The Buds Z2 adopts a very similar design as the one plus budz. The case of the buds z2 is of good quality, it’s small and you get this pill-shaped shell that is lightweight and easy to carry.

In terms of the overview, we have the ONEPLUS branding in the front and here at the back, we have the type c charging port along with the reset button. You get LED Light in the front. The one plus Buds Z2 case doesn’t support wireless charging but you get the quick charge mode which will give you 5 hours of usage time with just 10 minutes of charge. The battery capacity of the case is 520 mah which can charge the earbuds approx 4-5 times more. Now in terms of the Earbuds, we have the in-ear style earbuds in the Buds Z2.

The design is not changed but you do get some additional features. Such as you get the 11mm driver in the earbuds and also we have now the active noise cancellation support in the earbuds. The earbuds are also lightweight and weigh only 4.6 grams each. The battery capacity of the earbuds is 40 mAh. And with the case, as mentioned earlier you can charge them 6-7 times more. In terms of some other features, you get Bluetooth 5.2 support, the earbuds are ip55 waterproof and the case is ipx4 waterproof. Overall in terms of the design and build quality, though the design is almost the same as the OnePlus Buds Z in the buds z2 you are getting a few new features such as the ANC and the larger 11mm driver.

OnePlus Buds Z2

Now let’s turn it on and pair it with our smartphone. So for pairing, you can pair them with your phone like the regular two earbuds. But in order to use all the features, you need to install the App HeyMelody. Or if you are using a one plus or oppo phone you can go to the Bluetooth settings to see the features. So here we have our earphones connected. And let me show you first the codec and here we have the AAC codec.

Now about the features, so in the settings on the top you have the ANC mode and in this earphone, you get two modes, Max which can cancel the noise level up to 40db, and then regular noise cancellation which is around 20-25db. And here we have the earbud controls which you can also customize as per your choice. By default a single tap will pause and play music, a double tap will take you to the next song, and a triple tap will take you back to the previous song.

Long press for one second will allow you to switch ANC and transparency mode. At the bottom, we have the test which lets you know if the current fit is suitable for you or not, and this will help you to choose the correct size ear tips.

The instrument separation is good and overall I find the performance of these earbuds pretty decent. two modes Max Noise Cancellation. In the Max ANC mode, the earbuds will reduce the background noise up to 40 DB. And during our testing, we found the ANC performance decent though it’s not that good as the apple AirPods pro.

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