OnePlus 9RT Price in India, Specifications, Comparison 2022

Oneplus always bought into its tagline of never settle and made a global splash since
its very first foray. Ever since the oneplus 3t they have without fail come up with a “T”
variant of their devices.

There’s a break in that 5 year old tradition now – kinda. While the 9t and 9t pro have been officially cancelled – their new cheapest flagship the 9r is getting a t variant – meet the 9rt – One plus just took the wraps off earlier today and in this video, let’s see what’s the deal with the 9RT – hey guys this is ananthan from c4etech, let’s roll,

OnePlus 9RT

Before we talk about the oneplus 9rt, a small history lesson, the t variants have always
been minor incremental upgrades six months after the og version drops, this was kinda
based on apple’s incremental s line up – get it? 1+ s is t?

Now oneplus have always gone with the best chip in the market for their flagships – given
the flagship killer moniker they started with – well now they are more “core audience”
killers by jumping to flagship territory themselves..

Anyway – like I said earlier, oneplus recently announced there ain’t gonna be a 9t or a 9t pro this year – makes sense since there really isn’t much they could add to those phones, not that that’s stopped em in the past but their new 9R this year, for the first time a oneplus flagship phone did not have the latest and greatest chip inside… instead it used qualcomm’s 2nd most powerful chip the snapdragon 870 which is a minor improvement on last year’s 865 plus…

That’s what oneplus has gone to rectify with the 9rt – the chip inside here is now the 888 instead of the 870 bringing it squarely to 2021 flagship performance territory… So that’s the big change…

The oneplus 9 RT seems to have a similar design to the one plus 9 except for the fact that
the camera bump seems larger than the last one. Apart from that the devices look nearly
identical. It sports a 6.62 inch amoled hrd 10+ display with a refresh rate of up to 120hz.
This is the Samsung E4 panel we’ve seen on phones like Mi11x and K40 lineup of phones.

The displays on one plus devices are usually good and I fully expect to be satisfied with
this one too, but due diligence and all that, we will reserve judgement till we test out
the device.. We are also getting 600hz of touch sampling rate which is one of the highest
in the market today. If all that sounds very familiar then it’s cuz it’s the exact same
thing ash just said about the realme gt neo 2 – but of course the difference here is the
chip inside..

This one has the snapdragon 888 processor, 8 or 12 gigs of LPDDR5 ram with either 128
or 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage. Oneplus hasn’t been one for gimmicks like oppo or samsung.
But this time they have indulged and graciously given us an additional 7 gigs of virtual ram,
for those that don’t know, this is pseudo ram thats being scavenged from ur internal
storage that is supposed to help you with multitasking and holding more apps in memory,
hey ash i deserve a raise for being able to say that with a straight face :D.

Let’s talk about the cameras now. The 9RT comes with a triple cam setup this time around.
They’ve ditched the 2MP monochrome sensor from the 9R. The 16MP ultrawide and 5MP macro

sensors seem to be the same as the 9R tho. The primary sensor on the other hand gets
a slight spec bump. It’s a 50Megapixel f/1.7 lens compared to the 48 Megapixel f/1.7 sensor
on the 9R. I’m not saying a 2MP bump up is gonna make any major difference but this
is the Sony IMX766 sensor they’re going with here. While we’ve seen this sensor
on good camera phones like Vivo X70 Pro and Oppo Reno 6 Pro+, I’m interested to see
OnePlus’s implementation here. After all, it’s the same sensor Oneplus has used on
their mid range phone Nord 2.

The selfie camera here is a 16 mp shooter that we expect will perform the same way it
did on the 9r.

Other specs include a 4500 mah battery and 65W fast charging that promises 0-100 in 29
mins, that seems to be the same across all one plus 9 variants, there is no mention about
wireless charging or the max speeds. one other notable addition is a larger vapour chamber
that is supposed to increase performance gains,

so a 888 that should technically not throttle as much as on other oneplus phones add to it we have 600 hz touch sampling and 120 hz refresh – leave me quite optimistic of the experience – that’s despite the whole oxygen os color os fusion stuff – despite that, this seems to be shaping up to be one of the best performers in the segment… Now what segment would that be?.

The base variant of the 9 RT with 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage is priced at 3299
yuan which when converted is 38621 inr and the top 12/256 is priced at 3799 yuan – 44475
inr. So basically the top variant of the RT should be priced a little cheaper than the
current oneplus 9 – given the RT has to coexist with the 9 and 9 pro – that seems to make

Compared to the 9r, if and when this arrives in India – I am sure oneplus are gonna push
that pricing up a couple of grand – which given the 888 I cant really complain about
but the constantly rising cost of oneplus phones is really annoying – what do you think?
Now given there’s no oxygen os anymore… how would this fare against the realme gt?
Sadly enough, realme seems to have a better track record with handling temps – avoiding
heating or throttling issues – so what would that be? It’s a new interesting dynamic
we’d probably get to know more once people start getting their hands on the RT – GT vs

RT – is that something you’d like to see? Leave a comment down below…

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