OnePlus 10 Ultra with periscope lens spotted in patent drawings

OnePlus 10 Ultra: The Chinese firm OnePlus is at a key moment in its recent history. And it is that we have seen how in the last two years it has gone from launching only top-of-the-range mobiles to expanding its terminal portfolio in a series of mid-range and entry-level devices. Now we would be close to meeting the most powerful mobile in its history, the OnePlus 10 Ultra.

OnePlus 10 Ultra

OnePlus 10 Ultra with periscope lens spotted in patent drawings

A few weeks ago we speculated if the launch of an Ultra model would make sense, and curiously as if it were a prophecy, we began to know the first details about this phone.

OnePlus 10 Ultra periscope sensor

OnePlus 10 Ultra

And a week ago we saw the first plans of the new top-of-the-range mobile from the Chinese firm, based on some diagrams that showed us the design of the phone as a plan. But from that first glimpse to what we have known now, there are important changes. In the images that have been recreated in three dimensions, we can verify that the new phone from the Chinese firm would have a distinctive feature compared to the current OnePlus 10 Pro.

This new phone would have a periscope camera as the main novelty. In the schematics seen a week ago, it seemed to have a secondary screen in the back, below the two main sensors. And no, it doesn’t look like she’s going to see this second screen, but that place we thought was for her, will be occupied by a periscope sensor. Next to this, we will see an inscription of 5X Zoom, which will remind us of the optical increase that it can offer us in the photographs.

This space that the sensor occupies will be where the different lenses that make up the periscope sensors are housed, and that basically manages to magnify the image as would be done in one of these sensors traditionally, thanks to several superimposed lenses that increase the image without losing detail, with optical results.

In this way, instead of having a standard sensor, plus a telephoto and an ultra-wide-angle, it seems that the second will be replaced by this periscope. And it is that this would be the great difference that the Ultra model would offer us with respect to the Pro, a Hasselblad camera as we have not seen it before in the Chinese firm. A mobile that should arrive in a few months, in the second half of the year.

Digital Chat Station also talks about OnePlus’ plans

Another famous tipster, Digital Chat Station, also shared some OnePlus news. According to him, the brand is developing a range of smartphones aimed a priori at gamers, while maintaining an affordable price.

OnePlus 10 Ultra

OnePlus was best known for its machines that performed well and were cheaper than those of competitors, but the company seems to have changed course in the past couple of years. Today, the brand would be revising its strategy and going back to basics in order to attract more users. According to leakers, the prices of the next OnePlus smartphones could be between 315 and 475 dollars at launch. We are waiting to see it!

OnePlus 10 Ultra Concept Images in 4K

Could an Ultra model add anything else?

The reality is that exceeding the specifications of the OnePlus 10 Pro would not be easy, since we have sections such as the screen or the processor itself that offer us the most advanced features that we can expect. The same goes for fast charging, which is the most powerful we’ve seen before on a phone from the Chinese brand, and at the level, we can expect from the Oppo Find X5 Pro.

So everything indicates that this periscope sensor will be the main change that we will see between one model and another, the Pro versus the Ultra. It would be the first time that we had against a model of this level in the Chinese firm. We will see if he is also in charge of merging ColorOS and OxygenOS. It could be the model of the brand that exceeds a thousand euros and faces the Xiaomi 12 Ultra or Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

OnePlus 10 Ultra speacifition (Expectes)

Interestingly, the rumors about the OnePlus 10 Ultra suggest that it will be powered by Dimensity 9000 instead of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 – the OnePlus 10R uses the same chip. The rest will be similar to the Pro with an LTPO 2.0 display and fast charging. support 80W.

So far we haven’t seen an official confirmation that OnePlus is working on a 10 Ultra model. We are waiting for the company to settle on a date for releasing the Pro model globally.

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