npa full form in simple language

npa full form

What is NPnpa full form For a long time, the news of non-performing asset has been in the headlines, due to the scam happening after taking loan, everyone wants to know what is NPA, tell you that due to NPA many people If the balance seat of banks is shaken, then such questions arise that what is this NPA and how does the bank suffer due to this, so let us give you information about it today.what is npa

What is NPA

Here you must have come to know that the full form of NPA is Non-Performing Asset, which means non-performing asset in English. Let us tell you that when a debtor i.e. the borrower of the bank fails to pay the EMI of his bank, then his loan account is called non-performing asset i.e. NPA. That is, the loan of the bank which has been sunk and whose hope of coming back again is equal to that, it is called NPA.

Usually, if the EMI of the loan does not go to the bank for 3 months, then that account is declared as NPA. It happens. There are several classifications of loans such as standard, sub standard, doubtful and loss assets.

npa full form

RBI has made rules for its provision so that the banks do not get affected much due to the default on the loan. The bank has to keep the provision amount separate from the business, according to a report, let us tell you that at present there is an NPA of 8.50 lakh crore in Indian banks. This amount is 10% which is very high.

So now you must have known what is NPA (npa kya hai) After reading this article, you must have got a lot of information about it, you must have come to know that what is NPA, there are many such big companies in India who are from the bank. After taking a loan, it fails to repay it, due to which Indian banks also have to suffer a lot.

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