NCR Full Form in English: What is NCR and how it is formed

This article is about what is NCR Full Form, in this we will tell you what is NCR and how it is formed, what are its benefits and which cities have been kept in it, what happens in NCR, due to which it is other in development. Always leading in comparison to all the cities, will give information about all these so that you can get complete information about it

If you are from India then it is very important for you to know about NCR Full Form. To get other information about the name of NCR or keep on commenting on us, then through this article we are telling you all the information about NCR so that you can get complete information about NCR in one go. can be found in the article.

NCR Full Form In English

First of all, we are going to tell you about the full name of Delhi NCR, what is its full name.


NCR, which is called the National Capital Region in English, includes some neighboring cities of Delhi such as Haryana, Rajasthan etc. and under the Constitution of India 69th Amendment Act 1991, the capital of India, Delhi and some adjoining areas, formed a NCR zone.

What Is Delhi NCR

As we told you that its full name is National Capital Region and as you know that it is our National Capital and for this reason, Delhi has the highest development as compared to other states and regions.

NCR Full Form

Due to this, people from all parts of India come to Delhi to do job, business etc. And due to this the population of Delhi has also increased a lot and due to this, at present the permanent residents of Delhi also have to face many types of problems etc. Like – electricity, water, housing etc.

And to overcome this shortcoming, the National Capital Region Planning Board was started by the government in 1985, it was named NCT by Delhi and many different states were included in it, about which we are going to tell you. .

Areas Covered In NCR

There are many different areas in NCR, out of which some are big cities and some are small cities etc.

Most of the people do not know about it, due to which most of the people had asked about it many times that how many and which cities come under its purview, as we told that there are many districts and cities in Delhi NCR, about which we We are going to tell which cities come in this area.

  1. Delhi
  2. Bharatpur (Bharatpur)
  3. Hapur (Hapur)
  4. Muzaffarnagar
  5. Gurgaon
  6. Mewat
  7. Alwar
  8. Ghaziabad (Ghaziabad)
  9. Gautam Budh Nagar
  10. Bulandshahr (Bulandshahr)
  11. Sonipat
  12. Rewari
  13. Palwal
  14. Mahendragarh
  15. Baghpat
  16. Faridabad
  17. Rohtak (Rohtak)
  18. Jhajjar
  19. Panipat (Panipat)
  20. Bhiwani (Bhiwani)
  21. Jind
  22. Karnal

All these 22 cities and districts come in Delhi NCR, most of these cities are among the big cities.

Purpose Of NCR

Delhi NCR has many different objectives and for these it was started. The main purpose of starting it was that all the members who come in its area have to develop those areas etc.

The main objective of NCR is to develop all these cities which come under NCR and supply any Vastu etc. Apart from this, it also has many different functions.

The purpose of Delhi NCR is to develop in its member cities, as you know that metro facility has been given in Delhi NCR, which makes it easier for many people to travel, in the same way, providing many types of facilities is its important task and most of all. Money is also spent in the development of these cities, all the cities coming in NCR are equipped with more than one facility and many types of facilities have also been given in these cities as compared to other cities, most of the money for development etc. Expenses are made which come in NCR.

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