Naagin 6 Ep 1 Review: Naagin 6 First Episode live Update: 2022

Naagin 6- 12 february 2022 first episode live Update: The first episode of Naagin 6 is going to be on air from today 12 February 2022. The first episode of the sixth season will go on air from February 12 and today is the first glimpse of Tejaswi Prakash. Viewers are eager to watch Ekta Kapoor’s TV show Naagin 6 and Shesh wants to see the first glimpse of Naagin soon.

Naagin 6
Naagin 6

Manit Joura is also going to be seen in Naagin-6, who will be seen calling Shesh Naagin for help in this world. The story of Naagin 6 is based on the corona virus. A promo of Manit had surfaced in which he is saying – ‘Without his wish, that wishful person will have to come. She is a boon of Shiva, don’t ask for any water for her bite. He is heavy on every poison, he is wishful…. After this, there will be an entry in the story of Naagin.

Naagin 6

Stay connected with us for the first episode of Naagin 6 and every moment updates about the show. We bring you every small and big update of Tejaswi Prakash’s TV show Naagin-6. Learn here…

Feb 12, 2022 |  10:28 PM (ACTUAL)

Tejashwi was angry with Ekta Kapoor
Tejashwi Prakash had told in the live video, ‘I was very angry with Ekta Kapoor. I told Karan Kundrra in the Bigg Boss 15 house that Ekta Kapoor hasn’t even taken me on her show yet. At that time I did not know that I was going to be a part of Naagin 6.

Feb 12, 2022 |  09:03 PM (ACTUAL)

How will Pratha be able to save Rishabh in Naagin-6?
In the story of Naagin-6, the audience will soon see Rishabh and Pratha together. 
Even the custom is what is going to save Rishabh’s life. 
How will Rishabh’s practice save life after a car accident? 
It will be interesting to see this in the second episode of Naagin 2. 

Feb 12, 2022 |  08:53 PM (ACTUAL)

Urvashi Dholakia and Sudha Chandran become childhood friends
Urvashi Dholakia and Sudha Chandran have also been entered in Naagin-6. 
Urvashi and Sudha (Seema) are childhood friends. 
Now both of them are going to get married by marrying their children. 
In this way, preparations for marriage are going on in both of their houses.

Feb 12, 2022 |  08:46 PM (ACTUAL)

As always, the serpent is in the role of a poor helpless girl.
The entire lead starcast has been entered in the first episode of Naagin-6. 
Along with this, as usual, this season also Naagin is again in the role of helpless, sad and troubled helpless girl. 
The role of Tejashwi i.e. custom is that of an innocent poor girl. 
Who is struggling to get a job and wants to give a good life to her father.

Feb 12, 2022 |  08:39 PM (ACTUAL)

Tejashwi became a dubbing artist, Simba became a true patriot
Tejasswi Prakash plays a dubbing artist in the show. 
Those who are working hard to earn money. 
At the same time, Simba i.e. Rishabh Singhal is in the role of an army officer. 
Who is a true patriot. 
However, Mehak has entered as a serpent who has started teaching a lesson to the enemies.

Feb 12, 2022 |  08:24 PM (ACTUAL)

Nagin-6 is full of patriotism
The story of Naagin-6 is full of patriotism. 
In the first episode, the entry of actress Mehak Chahal has been done, who has come to the earth to protect the country. 
After finding 20 Asuras present in the country, the remaining serpent is about to kill. 
At the same time, Tejashwi Prakash has also entered, who has become a common girl.

Feb 12, 2022 |  08:14 PM (ACTUAL)

The battle of India and Chinastan was mentioned in Naagin-6
The battle of India and Chinastan was mentioned in Nagin-6. 
It has been told how India was attacked through the pandemic. 
After 20 years Shani Dev has come to his house and the epidemic is spreading. 
Now there is only serpent who is going to come to save everyone. 

Feb 12, 2022 |  08:08 PM (ACTUAL)

How did the devastation of 2020 come in the first episode of Naagin-6
The first episode of Naagin-6 has started. 
The story begins with the meeting of brahmins, aghoris and sages in 2020. 
In which it has been told that the biggest difference will be in 2019 and 2020. 
The whole world is about to change, the professor told that the world is about to change the story. 
In 2020, we are going to be hit by a pandemic.

Feb 12, 2022 |  07:56 PM (ACTUAL)

Who is Tejashwi Prakash’s favorite serpent
Tejashwi Prakash has also revealed which serpent he likes. 
Tejashwi Prakash says, “I love the first season of Naagin. 
Mouni Roy and Ada Khan did wonders in this. 
Mouni Roy is very hot. 
Mouni is an inspiration to all the serpents. 
Every serpent wants to give competition to Mouni Roy.

Feb 12, 2022 |  07:34 PM (ACTUAL)

Tejashwi has this wish for Naagin-6
Tejashwi Prakash wants to make Naagin 6 the most successful season ever. 
Tejashwi Prakash says, ‘I am very nervous about Naagin 6. 
I am praying for my season to be a hit. 
We are working very hard for the success of the show.

Feb 12, 2022 |  07:10 PM (ACTUAL)

Mehak Chahal becomes Tejashwi’s elder sister
Mehak Chahal will play Tejashwi’s elder sister in ‘Naagin 6’. 
She told, ‘I am playing the role of his elder sister. 
Whatever is happening, both of us are saving the country, my character is exactly the same. 
I am also in a positive role after so many years.

Feb 12, 2022 |  06:38 PM (ACTUAL)

Such is the character of Mehak Chahal
Mehak Chahal’s entry in ‘Naagin 6’ has been done. 
He is very excited about the show. 
He says- ‘Finally the wait is over…. 
The character of Naagin is deeply attached to me and I knew I was going to do it. 
She is the protector of India, strong and powerful. 
I think Indian women today have the same qualities. 
I wanted to do a role that would represent the woman of today.

Feb 12, 2022 |  06:15 PM (ACTUAL)

The story of Naagin-6 has been written according to modern times
Simmba told- ‘I don’t know what happened in the last season of Naagin, as I haven’t seen him, but I do know one thing that this Naagin is really going to be different from other Naagins. 
Its story has been written according to modern times and I can relate to it too.

Feb 12, 2022 |  06:03 PM (ACTUAL)

Simmba Nagpal playing dark shade role
Simmba Nagpal says, “I always wanted to play the role of an army officer and also a dark shade. 
I am getting a chance to play these two in Naagin 6, so I said yes. 
The story of the show itself is very interesting.

Feb 12, 2022 |  05:42 PM (ACTUAL)

What is the name of Tejashwi Prakash in Naagin-6?
Tejasswi Prakash has revealed the name of his upcoming character in Naagin 6 by sharing a video on his Instagram. 
Tejashwi’s character in Naagin 6 is going to be named Pratha. 
Teja herself has told this thing.

Feb 12, 2022 |  05:40 PM (ACTUAL)

Ekta Kapoor is not troubled by the trolling of Naagin 6
Ekta Kapoor is being criticized for based the story of Naagin 6 on Corona virus. 
Ekta says, ‘Naagin is a commercial serial. 
In such a situation, he knew that there would be criticism on it. 
I don’t have any problem with this. 
Even in Hollywood, shows are made on true events and the audience likes them very much. 
I knew I was going to be abused. 
I was even ready for trolling.

Feb 12, 2022 |  05:29 PM (ACTUAL)

Tejashwi became the hottest serpent ever
Tejaswi Prakash’s first look is out before the first episode of Naagin-6 goes on air. 
Teja, who became a serpent in this look, is leaving all the old serpents behind. 
Tejasswi looks like the hottest Naagin ever.

Feb 12, 2022 |  05:28 PM (ACTUAL)

Naagin-6 will have 3 big actresses
Tejashwi Prakash is in the lead role in Naagin 6. 
Apart from this, Simba Nagpal will also play an important role. 
Apart from this, Mehak Chahal and Ada Khan are also going to be seen in the serial.

Feb 12, 2022 |  05:27 PM (ACTUAL)

Massive VFX in Naagin-6
Naagin 6 will be the most expensive season ever. 
Its total budget (Naagin 6 Budget) is 130 crores. 
VFX is going to be used extensively in Naagin Six.

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