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Mudra Loan Scheme: The Prime Minister’s mudra loan scheme (PMMY) was launched by the Government of India in April 2015. The purpose of this scheme is to provide small businessmen Rs. 50000/- to ten lakh rupees loan has been arranged, this is a poor loan scheme, which has been arranged to give loans to small businessmen in easy terms from the bank.

Highlights of PMMY – 2022

scheme name Prime Minister’s Mudra Yojana. 
who started by the Central Government. 
when was it started April 2015 
How much loan is given under the scheme. ₹5000 to ₹1000000/- 
Official website Prime Minister Mudra Loan Scheme
toll free number1800 180 11 11 / 1800 11 0001
mudra yojana online helpline numberClick here

Key points of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.

  • Eligibility:  All those women and men who are adults i.e. above 18 years of age are eligible for this scheme. Apart from this, you should not be a defaulter (defaulter) of any bank. It is mandatory for the Mudra loan applicant to take a credit information report in CIBIL/CRIF or EQUIFAX etc. You may be denied loan by the bank if the credit score is not correct.
  1. Nature of  Loan: Loan is sanctioned on annual renewal basis. It is given in the form of term loan and cash credit limit.
  • Purpose of loan  :  To provide employment to small businessmen in the unorganized sector, non-agricultural sector (which is not associated with agriculture) and to expand employment by providing loan or assistance by the bank.

Type of Pradhanmantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) 2021-2022 Types of Mudra Loans. 

How many types of Mudra loan can be given : Mudra loan is mainly divided into three categories Shishu, Kishore and Tarun. Which has been made by the government keeping in mind all the sections. The highest loan given in this is Shishu. 

Mudra Loan Scheme
Mudra Loan Scheme
YR NOtype of loanZodiaccontribution
baby Up to Rs.50000/- Zero 
teen From Rs.50001/- to 500000/-. 25%
Young Rs.500001 to 1000000/-25%

Eligibility for Mudra Loan

Mudra loan eligibility: Friends, Prime Minister Business Loan Scheme Mudra is very popular in rural and urban areas of India. Mudra loan is given for a business. If you do any small, medium or big business, then you become eligible to take loan under PMMY scheme. If you need money to grow your business, then you can easily take loan through this scheme. If you are doing small business. So you will be given a loan under the Shishu Yojana. Its documentation process is very simple. 

For identification, you will only be asked for Aadhar card or any other identity card. Apart from this, you will have to give 2 guarantors and the details of your business to the bank. The bank will easily give a loan of 50000 / – under the Shishu scheme. The loan will not be paid to you in cash. The loan will be paid directly into the account of the shopkeeper from where you buy the goods for your grocery store.

You have to go to your nearest bank. Carry your Aadhar card and other identity proof along with you. You may also be asked for business related details. If your CIBIL score is correct, then you will get Mudra loan easily. 

Mudra loan for women

Any person or woman can apply online / offline for Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Scheme 2020-2022. Any woman who wants to start her own private business. So he is eligible to take Mudra loan. The woman can go to any nearby bank branch and contact the manager or loan officer there.

How to take loan against Aadhar card?

How to take Mudra Loan: Mudra Loan is also known as Aadhar Card Loan in rural area, and we can also call it another Prime Minister Business Loan Scheme name. Because it is printed in newspapers and newspapers somewhere that the bank is giving loan on Aadhar card, the bank has given loan on Aadhar card. The fact is that the process of taking Mudra loan has been made very easy by the government. If you run any small or big business then you will get Mudra loan easily. 

If we talk about documents, then only Aadhar card is asked for as identity. Apart from this, two sureties and the bank’s file are signed. Apart from this, no other special formality is done. That is why Mudra loan is also called Aadhar card loan. 

mudra loan apply online 2021-2022

Pradhan Mantri Loan Yojana Online Form : If you are planning to apply Mudra loan online for Mudra loan in 2021-22, and you want to apply online, then you can print the application form from the official website of various banks. For the process of online application, you can visit the link of the official website given below. You can get information about applying Mudra loan online from the official website of the bank. 

State Bank of India Click  here  
Punjab National Bank Click here. 
Bank Of Baroda Click here. 
Bank of India Click here. 
Union Bank Of India Click here. 
Syndicate Bank / Canara BankClick here. 
HDFC bank Click here. 

List of Commercial/Public/Rural Banks giving Mudra Loans

If you want to take financial assistance in Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Scheme 2022. So there should be any bank branch near your house. The list is given below. You can apply for Mudra loan by visiting any of these banks.

Indian BankCommercial Bank
bank of indiaCommercial Bank
Andhra BankCommercial Bank
Bank Of BarodaCommercial Bank
Bank Of MaharashtraCommercial Bank
corporation bankCommercial Bank
Syndicate BankCommercial Bank
Central Bank Of IndiaCommercial Bank
Dena BankCommercial Bank
IDBI BankPublic Sector Bank
Indian Post Payment Bankpublic sector bank
Punjab National BankCommercial Bank
Overseas Bank of IndiaCommercial Bank
Punjab And Sind BankCommercial Bank
State Bank of IndiaCommercial Bank
UCO BankCommercial Bank
Union Bank Of IndiaCommercial Bank
united bank of indiaCommercial Bank
Vijaya BankCommercial Bank
Andhra Pradesh Rural Development BankGramin Bank
Baroda Gujarat Gramin BankGramin Bank
Andhra Pragathi Gramin BankGramin Bank
Baroda Rajasthan Kshatriya Gramin BankGramin Bank
Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin BankGramin Bank
Bihar Gramin BankGramin Bank
Deccan Gramin BankGramin Bank
Chaitanya Godavari Grameen BankGramin Bank
Kerala Gramin BankGramin Bank
Himachal Pradesh Gramin BankGramin Bank
Aryavart BankGramin Bank
Dena Gujarat Gramin BankGramin Bank
Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin BankGramin Bank
Kaveri Gramin BankGramin Bank
Karnataka Vikas Grama BankGramin Bank
Maharashtra Gramin BankGramin Bank
Madhya Bihar Gramin BankGramin Bank
Malwa Gramin BankGramin Bank
Meghalaya Gramin BankGramin Bank
Pandian Gram BankGramin Bank
Narmada Jhabua Gramin BankGramin Bank
Marudhara Gramin BankGramin Bank
Pallavan Gram BankGramin Bank
Puduvai Bharathar Village BankGramin Bank
Pratham Gramin BankGramin Bank
Pragati Krishna Gramin BankGramin Bank
Saptagiri Gramin BankGramin Bank
Punjab Gramin BankGramin Bank
Sarva Haryana Gramin BankGramin Bank
All UP Grameen BankGramin Bank
Saurashtra Gramin BankGramin Bank
Sutlej Grameen BankGramin Bank
Telangana Gramin BankGramin Bank
Uttar Bihar Gramin BankGramin Bank
Tripura Gramin BankGramin Bank
Vidarbha Konkan Gramin BankGramin Bank

Application Form for Mudra Loan

pradhan mantri mudra yojana application form: If you are going to apply for Mudra loan offline, then you can first talk to the branch manager or field officer for Mudra loan in your nearest bank. After this, you can download the application form from the official website of mudra or we have also given the application form here, you can fill it completely and submit your application form to your nearest bank where you have talked. Click here for Application Form / Application Form. – Download Mudra Loan Application pdf

How to fill Mudra Loan Application Form?

Mudra loan or also known as Aadhar card loan in colloquial language. To apply for this, first you go to the bank near you. You can contact the Loan Officer (Field Officer) there. If he agrees then first of all he will give an application form for cibil report for you. You fill it up and return it to them.

If your CIBIL report is correct (around 700 marks) then an application form will be given to you. You have to fill it carefully. In the application form, you have to fill all the information which has been asked on it, mainly information related to their business like experience etc., information of family members etc. Apart from this, you may be asked for Aadhar card and other documents along with photograph etc.

(Note- Cibil report whose full form is Credit Information Bureau India Limited, is a credit report. Where each person’s transactions are assessed and points are given to them. The number of points of CIBIL score is 300 – 900. 300 marks If it is the worst and 900 points is considered the best.)

Eligibility for Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

  • Any Indian citizen can apply for Mudra loan / loan.
  • The credit score of the applicant should be good. If the applicant has also taken any other loan from any other bank, and is not depositing the same in time. In such a situation, his CIBIL or CRIEF score will be reduced and the bank will refuse to give you the loan.
  • Where will you invest that money or what business/business are you going to start before taking the loan. You will have to tell this in writing to the bank.
  • The applicant should have Aadhar card and PAN card. 
  • For more information, you  can visit the official website of PMMY  .

Thus if you have all these eligibility then you are eligible for Aadhar Mudra Loan. You can apply by visiting the bank.

What is Mudra Loan Interest Rate?

mudra loan interest rate: The interest rate of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana loan 2021-2022 varies from time to time. It may vary from bank to bank. At present, if we talk about some major banks, it starts from around 8.15%. And it may vary according to the loan amount sanctioned. 

Process of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana Bank Offline Application

If you want to take loan under Mudra loan scheme, then you have to follow the following process. If you want to do any small or big business of yours, or you are already running business, you want to increase it. So for offline application you have to follow the following procedure.

  • First of all you have to go to your nearest bank. Tell about your business with Mudra Loan from Bank Se to Branch Manager or Loan Officer. Tell us about expanding your new business or old business.
  • If the Branch Manager/Loan Officer is satisfied with your point of view, he/she will ask you for further processing.
  • After this you will be asked for your Aadhar card and Pan card. Along with this, you will be given a consent form to generate the CIBIL report.
  • The bank will generate your CIBIL report. If your CIBIL score is correct, the loan officer from the bank will visit your shop/place of business.
  • After verifying your business, you will be given a form from the bank.
  • Fill your application form completely and submit it to the bank.
  • After this you will be made to sign the file.
  • Along with the application form, you will be asked for your identity card and 2-3 photographs.
  • If necessary, you may be asked to have two sureties.
  • In this way the file of your Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana will be almost ready.
  • The money will be given to you in the next few days.

Achievement so far in Mudra Loan ( PMMY Achievement)

As we have told you above, that pmmy scheme was started in June 2015. Due to the easy loan terms of this scheme, people took great advantage of this scheme from the very beginning. Only in the first year of the financial year 2015-16 itself, a loan of Rs 1.32 lakh crore was disbursed on 3.48 crore loan proposals. In 2016-17, 3.97 crore proposals were approved and Rs 1.75 lakh crore loan disbursed. In 2017-18, loan amounting to Rs 2.46 lakh was disbursed on a total of 4.81 crore proposals.

Thus   , a total of about 2900 crore Mudra loans have been sanctioned so far under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana . To whom loans of about Rs 14.60 lakh crore have been disbursed. In the financial year 2021-21, a total of 4.33 crore loans were sanctioned and Rs 2.64 lakh crore loans were disbursed. 

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana Helpline Number

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana helpline numbers have also been issued by the government. If you are facing any problem then you can get information by calling the helpline numbers given below. 

Toll Free Number / Helpline Number – 1800 180 11 11 / 1800 11 0001


(Mudra Yojana) What is PMMY ?

Mudra Yojana is a lending scheme, through which small businessmen are provided loans ranging from 50000 / – to 1000000 / – in easy terms. 

How to take loan against Aadhar card ?

Generally, Mudra Yojana is related to taking loan on Aadhar card. Because generally only Aadhar card is required by banks as identity proof for this loan. Read the full article for detailed information. 

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